Wednesday, March 09, 2011



This morning Quentin had his first swimming lesson. At first he wasn't sure what was going on. We got into the pool 5 minutes after the class started and left a few minutes early as well. That was enough for today.

This afternoon I went with a few mom friends to go see Adjustment Bureau. The movie was quite lame if you ask me. It was actually quite predictable, and as one of my friends said "even Emily Blunt couldn't save the movie".


After the movie, I picked up the boys and we headed to the pool (same pool I was at this morning) for their swimming lessons. 5pm lessons are a very bad idea, let me tell you. It was a zoo in there. I am hoping it's not as crazy next week as it was today. They had a photo shoot going for the synchro girls (ALL of them). (The photographer happened to be a guy I dated briefly back in 1999 ish - we're still friendly, but I didn't get a chance to say hello).

Mack freaked out (screaming) from the car to the changing room, SCREAMED while I fought to change him in his bathing suit. Then he screamed all the way to the pool. Was okay though once in the water with his teacher, but his teacher had to carry him in and pull him off my leg. He was fine then until we hit the changing rooms after. Once Mack was dressed he fell and bumped his head on the bench quite bad. We had to go get a lifeguard. We were taken into the First Aid room, and he was given ice. He is coherent and all smiley. He cried for a few minutes after it actually happened, and I think I was more freaked out than he was. At first he had an egg shaped welt on his forehead. And I seriously have lost faith in other people. I was in a closed changing room with all 3 kids when it happened. Quentin was freaking out (shrieking) for a bottle. Sean was nagging me to put his socks on for him. Mack decided he wasn't happy in the spot I left him after he was changed and that's when he banged his head. I swear, I need 8 arms. I opened the door to the changing room, thankfully everyone was basically dressed. I yelled to the closest person, who was a syncho chick to go get me a lifeguard. She runs away, and comes back and says (in the most annoying 13 year old girl trying to act dumb voice) "I am sorry, I couldn't find a lifeguard". Huh? What? How on earth can you NOT find a lifeguard... next to a pool? Seriously? I would have just gone into the pool area and screamed "I NEED A LIFEGUARD NOW" if someone else needed help. Other moms in the changing room at this point were just staring at me. It's like "DO SOMETHING... Don't just stand there... go get help!" Useless!!! I seriously have lost faith in other people. At this point, a lifeguard was actually walking by and saw the commotion and came in to help. She picked up Mackenzie, I shoved all our stuff into both my diaper bag and our pool bag, threw on my boots, grabbed all our bags, jackets, the baby bucket with Quentin in it who was freaking out still, had Sean grab our mittens/hats/etc... and followed the lifeguard to the First Aid Room. They checked him out. He's doing well. They told me what to look out for in case it's a concussion, but that has been ruled out. Poor guy. He really is a klutz my poor Mackenzie. And he really needs to start being patient and listen to me. Gotta love the Terrible Two's. Hopefully he'll outgrow that as he turns 3 this June.

Oh, what a day.

The swelling has gone down on his forehead, but he still has a bruise on his forehead (that you can see in the photo above). After this picture was taken we took a few more, and he was sticking his tongue out in every one of them. That's the Mackenzie I know. He'll be fine.

(And to those who said that with 3 boys I will see plenty of the waiting room at the ER because of injuries... knock on wood... I have yet to do that!)


I got a wonderful gift in the mail today from Maureen. She knit Quentin a Pine Forest Baby Blanket, which I think is incredibly sweet of her! Thank you so much Maureen. Quentin loves it already. Thank you again for making it for him. It's my absolutely fave color of Dream in Color... I almost want to use it for myself (it works well as a lap blanket!)

Today’s Link Love:
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- I want to get embroidery floss to make some wave friendship bracelets.
- This stain glass window is really fun.
- A barrel of monkeys!

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kristen said...

Thanks for the link!

sapphireblue said...

Ouch! That's quite the boo boo!

Maureen said...

OUCHIE! Oooh, that's awful. It's so hard to be a mama sometimes - you really do need 8 arms. :(

You have better light than me, your picture of blankie is truer color than my rav pics!

Amelah said...

Oh wow! What a wicked bruise. Hope he is feeling okay! Poor munchkin.

dawn said...

Aww poor Mack! Josiah is a clutz too...he fell off a chair when he was helping my SIL make cookies, and bit his tongue severely. Ughh when it's my pain I'm good, but when it's one of my boys I'm a mess.

g-girl said...

oh no...sorry to hear about mackie's fall and the horrible help you received while in the dressing room at the pool. love the blanket maureen made for quentin and the picture frame she gave you!

Tara said...

Maxime bonked his head not once but TWICE yesterday. Poor little lambs :(