Saturday, March 12, 2011



This morning while the boys were at skating our new couch got delivered.


While we were re-organizing the playroom, I brought the little bookshelf down to my office as I was getting tired of the one that I had. My books were also getting a little heavy for the shelves on the old bookcase.


It's amazing the difference (bathtub for size!) of Quentin now... from one of his first home baths!


We opened up a new gift today, a Lamaze Spin & Explore Tummy Time mat. It was a hit.


Sean is a big boy now. No more sippy cups. We were still giving him a sippy cup in the morning and at night with his morning & before bed milk. As of a few days now, he's refused the sippy cup. My little boy is growing up.

Here are some old links, which I want to re-share. I had posted them on my blog a long time ago:

Today's Link Love:
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dawn said...

Awww I noticed Quentin was filling out, but that comparison is unbelievable! I wish I had one of those spin and explore things for my boys.

Sandra said...

Quentin is becoming a little chubster! He's really filling out, and I see he still seems to love his bath...

Tara said...

Ooh! New couch! New couch! It looks GREAT!

sapphireblue said...

Those bookshelves look a little too organized for having three kids.

Amelah said...

Really like the new couch. We were thinking something similar, L shaped for our living room, but not until Chopper is 2! Looks good.

Big boy Sean! Growing too fast! Cute pics of Q!

Barb said...

the new couches look great :)

Maureen said...

You are somewhat frighteningly organized for a mama of three (one of whom is fifteen or so weeks old!) -- I am envious of your mad life skills, girl.

g-girl said...

the new couch looks great! wow, quentin has filled out rather nicely. :) love the new bookshelf!

Yarnhog said...

Oh, wow, Quentin looks great! What a big boy he's getting to be. :)