Monday, March 07, 2011



I found one bathing suit for Quentin. It's 3 month size and ridiculously large. The waist is too wide and the top is loose on him too - but for now, it's better than the other one (which is 3-6 month size) that comes down to his ankles. This one is Gagou Tagou, and the smallest the store had in stock. I'm really looking for a NB, 0-3 or even 3 month one piece. (Above it's 2 pieces, and I am worried about the shirt riding up). I really want one that would cover him like this one. Most of the websites I've actually found small suits on, won't ship to Canada.


Today a few of us ventured out for playgroup. We had a bit of a snowstorm so most canceled. I had to leave the house anyhow to pick up the kids from daycare at the end of the day, so I figured I'd head out to my friend's house anyhow. Quentin sported the Baby Surprise Jacket I had knit for Mack when he was born, as well as the Sweet Baby Cap. They both fit him perfectly right now. I was going to have him wear again today, but of course he had to spit up all over the front of it just as we were leaving the house today, right?

Today at playgroup, I was talking to one of the moms that I just recently met and become friends with, who happens to live up the street from me (standing in my driveway I can see the back of her house) and we discovered that we BOTH did the same exact photography degree and we both did the same exact graphic design degree at the exact same schools. She did both of hers earlier than I did - she is a few years older than me (4 years I think), and we did them in the reverse order. She did Graphic Design first, and then Photography while I did my Photography degree first, then my Graphic Design degree. She has no job to go back to once she's off maternity leave as the department she was working in up until 2 months before she had her son, was closed, so we were brainstorming possibly going into business together - who knows... I have so many ideas of things I want to do... but for now, I want to enjoy the rest of the year on maternity leave with Quentin.


It was really nice out today after I got the kids from daycare, and they wanted to play outside in the snow for a bit. I haven't ventured out much in the snow this winter being home with a newborn.

Today I called Munchkin yesterday to find out where I could buy more of their Single Serve Formula Dispensers in the 2 pack and they told me they are discontinued. The ones that I have from Mackenzie who used them are starting to crack. If anyone has some that they are no longer using and can send me, please let me know. Even the ones we had we bought in the USA, had them shipped to a friends house who shipped them to me, as the online shop wouldn’t ship to Canada. It's frustrating when you want to replace a product you love & use, and can't find it anymore.

I have a proposition to ask any of my readers who crochet. I'd like a few cute crochet hats for props. Examples on Ravelry are this one or this one or even this one or anything cute of the likes. Non Ravelry links of examples are this one, this one or this one, and anything similar. I’m looking to start my own newborn photography business once I am back at work after maternity leave and I’m not the greatest crocheter in the world. (I’m more of a knitter!) I am willing to give anyone who also knits a copy of my Sock Collection, or we could work out another deal? Yarn? Something else? Swap services of some kind?

Today's Link Love:
- This lego quilt.
- Have you seen this Youtube video? If so, it's pretty cool. I'm a technology geek.
- What do you guys think about truncated posts (for posts that are long?) Here's a tutorial on how to truncate your posts in blogger.
- I love these angry bird tutorials! They are so cute.
- This bathtub is heaven.
- Paper weaving looks like fun.


elizabeth said...

Oh those babies are so cute! Yours especially! :o)

Love that you get to take the rest of the year as maternity leave. Precious times!

g-girl said...

paper weaving is fun! hadn't thought of painting it though-makes it even better! look at those skinny lil legs! hope you're able to find a swimsuit that fits him better. love the shot of the playgroup babies-especially that first one. :) what a small world. how awesome to possibly have someone to go into business with. :)

Caroline said...

I really need to learn to crochet, those baby hats are cute! I think it's cool that you want to do newborn photography! Maybe if we ever have baby #2 I'll get to hire you! :)

Maureen said...

Wow, I did a little google hunting and a one piece swimsuit in a newborn size for a boy is challenging. :( Who knew?

That bathtub... I would never leave it. Ha!

Sandra said...

I saw that Angry Birds tutorial earlier in the week - must. make. some.
Love that game! (Although I'm becoming addicted to TIny Wings and Tasty Planet now...)

kim said...

Hey I can crochet...if you haven't found anyone let me know. I'll look at the patterns to make sure I can do them, I started out crocheting before knitting but Im a little rusty now.

Lindsey said...

i can crochet and would love to help....but i would need to know what time frame you are on. i am silly busy until mid april but could certainly help then. let me know what time frame you are hoping for and hopefully i can help out! the hats look fun!

Amelah said...

oh wow! that tub looks like heaven!