Friday, March 18, 2011



Today we had music in the morning and then we headed to the mall. Quentin was a good boy during lunch (he slept - letting me eat) and then I fed the boys in the "nursing room" in the food court. They never had this when I had Sean or Mackenzie. It's awesome in there. Couches, changing tables, I even think I might have seen a microwave! After I fed Quentin I did some shopping, some returns and I finally found some sweat pants in size 5 for Sean (I can't believe how hard it's been to find one that are not tapered at the bottom - Old Navy actually has some on sale this week).

Any of my readers do graphic work that will work for yarn? If that's you... and this interests you - please email me at knitpurlmama at gmail dot com. I'm looking for someone who does please!

Does anyone also have leftover yarn bits, pieces that are at least 3 feet long, I'd say? Even novelty yarn, all colors, etc..!? If you have small bits that you don't know what to do with - I need some for a project. I have a bit in my stash, but it's mainly fingering yarn and worsted weight in regular colors. I'm looking for funky stuff... with sequins too or fun fur even! Sparkly, shiny... I am looking for scraps! Please help if you can!

Tonight Quentin got spoiled in gifts (with more clothes he really doesn't need) from some ex-coworkers of Jamie whom came over for dinner tonight. We haven't seen them since before Quentin was born and they wanted to meet the little guy. One of them brought their new girlfriend, and she was super nice.

Working on a my current pattern design, and I think I'll have something else to show you tomorrow though... I might need a small break from the knitting, so look out for a quick crochet project (I'm starting to get a bit more comfortable with crochet & crochet patterns).


g-girl said...

hmm, a nursing room at the food court? it's sort of about time. all food courts should have something like this!

Sandra said...

I used to work as a designer, but it's been years - email me with what you are looking for.
Also, send me your address (yet again!) I have scraps of funky stuff you can have!
(You were busy on the weekend, clearing out your inbox, I see!)

chudoland said...

–ěh, how is cute your boy!