Wednesday, March 02, 2011



This morning I took the boys for a much needed (overdue) haircut.


Our only challenge was that I had to hold Mackenzie during his haircut.
He wouldn't sit still and so he had to sit on my lap.


I even got our hair dresser to "thin out" the back of Quentin's head so that it doesn't look so bad on the side where they shaved for his IV when he was born. It is so much better now, and hopefully it will all start to come in evenly soon. I saved a little piece of his hair and will put it in his "first curl box".


Sean and Mack want to thank Sandra and her son for sending them some Silly Bandz that they no longer were using. The boys are currently obsessed with silly bands.

The winner of the contest for a copy of Toss, Keep, Sell is…..!

Maureen who said...

This actually sounds like the sort of book I need. Hope you pull my entry!

Maureen, just email me again your address and I'll get the book in the mail as soon as possible! CONGRATS! Hope the book helps you de-clutter! Stay tuned tomorrow for my new contest to win a copy of Catherine McKenzie's Book Arranged.

Today's Link Love:
- For some good laughs I saw Hall Pass today at the theater for Movies for Mommies. It was funny yet stupid (I went into there with this expectation so I wasn't disappointed). After the movie, I had tea with a new friend and enjoyed chatting while the babies napped.
- Huggies free Enjoy the Ride Reward Point: BKTCGCLQZWZCPGB.
- 10 free Pampers points: 500000Pampers10.
- Tonight I had a friend over and we watched the movie You Again. It was really cute. A chick flick, exactly what the doctor ordered...!


Sandra said...

glad the boys liked them! those pictures are the best kind of thank you!

Maureen said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! will email you. :)

Also I have a linkie to share with you.

g-girl said...

ahhhh, it's such a great feeling after getting a haircut! the boys look good. :)

Tara said...

You just reminded me to make an apointment for Maxime! lol

dawn said...

The boys look so handsome after their haircuts! That face Mack is making with the silly bandz is priceless!

Amelah said...

I knew Kristin would do an awesome job :) Glad everything worked out!