Thursday, March 17, 2011

3.17.11 :: 143 weeks old/ 33 months old


Mack is 143 weeks old today and also 33 months old.
Getting him to sit still is becoming quite challenging.

Sean's sick today again (runny nose + a cough), and yesterday, while I was in the middle of feeding Quentin, and Mack needed to get dressed to go to daycare. I'm arguing with Mack to start getting ready and Sean turns to me and says "It's hard having three boys, eh mommy?" The stuff that comes out of this kid’s mouth kills me in laughter. Then tonight, we're at the dinner table (I was solo parenting tonight) and Mack turns to me and says "You're going to try to get me to eat this, right?" I swear, I almost chocked on my food it was priceless. I had made a pot roast in the slow cooker. Turns out, Mack convinced me to make him Kraft Dinner, Sean convinced me to make him Chef Boyardee (yep, the crap my kids actually like, right?) and I had pot roast. It was absolutely delicious (pot roast, not the other crap).


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(Mack wore a few different shades of green to daycare, I had a green shirt (I don't own green pants, which is fine by me, Quentin wore a green sleeper today and Sean refused to wear green).


This morning I took Quentin to the CLSC to get weighed in, and he's finally hit the 10 lbs (and 1.5 oz) mark. The last 2 weeks he gained 25 grams per day, and this past week he gained 22 grams per day. I wonder if he's finally slowing down and the weight gain won't be as fast anymore.


My boys hanging out in bed today.

Any of my readers do graphic work that will work for yarn? If that's you... and this interests you - please email me at knitpurlmama at gmail dot com.

I was a bit tired last night (as I am most evenings) and I totally forgot to announce the winner of the copy of Arranged by Catherine McKenzie. I printed out all my recent comments since starting this contest and put them into a hat. The winner is.....



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dawn said...

Love the green sleeper Quentin is wearing! I forgot to wear green today...shhhh don't tell lol.

Tara said...

Quentin looks adorable in his green sleeper! At least you got a bit festive, all I managed to do was pencil a couple of four-leaf clovers onto Émilie's cheek with my green eyeliner. LOL!

Amelah said...

Very cute pictures and it made me laugh at what Sean said! That boy is too smart for his own good!

sapphireblue said...

Where did you get that tiny hat? Adorable.

kim said...

My kids NEVER want to eat what I make anymore, it drives me crazy!!

I LOVE the dinosaur tail tutorial!! Think I know what I'll be (attempting) to make for Cole.

g-girl said...

i saw that dino tail tute a few days ago and thought of you! i like the umbrella stand but i love the umbrellas more. lol! the knitted postcards are amazing. wow! never would've thought of that. thanks for the prize!!! :) it's been a while since I've won anything. that pic of quentin in his lil leprechaun hat is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh leprecaun LOVE! Quentin is the sweetest!

Bea said...

Wow. They are cheeky huh? But I guess the cute makes up for it. I love Quentin's green outfit.