Thursday, March 03, 2011

3.3.11 :: 141 weeks old


Mack is 141 weeks old today.

This morning I took Quentin to the CLSC to get him weighed. Last week he was only gaining 18.5 grams per day and now that he's sleeping through the night, I was a bit worried that he wasn't gaining as much and the doctors would like to keep his weight gain above 20 grams per day (between 20 & 25 grams). Well, this week he's now 9 lbs 5.5 oz and he gained about 25.7 grams per day since last Thursday. So even though he's now sleeping through the night (every night for the last week), he's eating well during the day & gaining. I bet you, he'll be a chunky monkey soon enough. He really is filling out quite nicely.


This morning our new den couches arrived. They were delivered and then I had to take them out of the plastic and cardboard, put on the 8 legs (it's in 2 pieces the couch) and then place them. Gosh are they heavy. I had a bit of help but still! It's actually a sofa bed sectional, so the 2nd part with the sofa bed was really heavy. It's so exciting - our first piece of furniture that we bought together. Our playroom couch comes next week, I can't wait. Jamie says that they are "larger" in person that what it looks like on the website. It's true, they look narrower on the website. Glad he approves. Now we have to "work in" our spots.


I finished weaving in the ends on Quentin's Wyatt.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a photo shoot of the finished object & project details!

Today's Link Love:
- Thank you Maureen for showing me this Teddy Bear tutorial. It's super cute.
- Love love love this kid's shirt.
- I adore this snack bandolier (with tutorial).
- Love It's a Book, by Lane Smith. Jamie's step-cousin showed us the book recently. Here is a trailer on Youtube for the book. It's to die for in laughter. Love it.

I've got another contest for you! To be entered, just comment on any post from now until March 16th (16 is my lucky number) and I will randomly draw someone to win a copy of this book - Arranged by Catherine McKenzie. I'm currently in the middle of my copy, and so far, it's really good. I have read her first novel, Spin, last spring. I really enjoy her style of writing, and they are really good reads. (Now... if only I had more time to read!) Good luck! Have fun commenting!


sapphireblue said...

Q has a very suprised look on his face. Can't wait to see the finished object. I also finished my corona sweater. I grafted the hood last night. Just need to weave in the ends.

Maureen said...

Oh that snack bandolier is AWESOME. I love that.

g-girl said...

the couches look great! can't wait to see the ones you got for the playroom. that is awesome that quentin is getting enough nourishment during the day and sleeping through the night. i'm sure the sleeping through the night is helping with his weight gain. love, the snack bandolier. it's hilarious!

Tara said...

Ooh! Your couches are awesome! Very modern. Can't wait to see what you got for the playroom :)

Amelah said...

Love the new couches. Eventually we want to get something similar for the living room. But not until Chopper is at least 2!