Saturday, March 05, 2011



Today after the boys had their skating lessons, we checked out Jukebox.


The boys really enjoyed it there, and I had a fantastic grilled chicken breast salad.
I was even able to "make it" myself. It was so good.
We definitely will eat there again.


When we got home, we set out to paint.


We received a dinosaur skeleton from my friend Eugenie, and the boys decided they wanted to paint it. I picked up some acrylic paint, and some paint brushes and I let the boys go wild on it. It definitely killed a few hours this afternoon.

This evening Jamie and I watched the movie The Fighter. Not my usual style movie, but it was good nonetheless. While I watched the movie, I worked a bit more on organizing my stash on Ravelry. I've been double checking what yarns are already listed, and what isn't yet listed and listed in, providing it's already photographed. I'm getting there. And once it goes back into my yarn room, I then have it organized as best as possibly by weight.

Today's Link Love:
- This pleated bag tutorial.
- I love this space.
- I love this chick's office space.
- I love this blog post on simplifying email. I like that she talks about it being okay to delete emails. I do try myself to respond to every email that requires a response to (especially since people are taking the time to email me, but sometimes, things don't need a response, or I just don't have the time with 3 kids ages 4 and younger). Though, questions that are asked, or emails that need responding to... I do get to them.. it might just be eventually though. I'm working on catching up.

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g-girl said...

jukebox looks like a cool place. amazing looking salad! that is one crazy dinosaur skeleton!! the gal's office made me think of sephora for a moment because of the striping on the wall. i love the lamps in that other space too!

Tara said...

That bag tutorial is so cute!!! Definitely adding it to "the queue" :)

Amelah said...

Cool, where is the Jukebox? looks fun!