Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sean somehow managed to convince me he had to stay home today. He does have a bit of a "runny nose".... but he totally could have gone to daycare today. Instead, he joined Quentin and I on some errands, and hung out with us for the day. He also convinced me to take him to my parents house for lunch as they had salami and I didn't and he wanted salami badly for lunch.


Quentin was super cute in his new overalls. They were a gift from some family. Normally I hate overalls (not a fan), but in 0-3 month size... they're just too cute. He was totally rockin' the overalls today.


And Mr. King-of-faces was up to his face making again today.


These last two pictures were taken on my brand new digital camera. We were in a store with not so great lighting and I just couldn't believe the quality of the images that were taken on my new camera. I ended up buying a professional DSLR - as my Nikon D60 is a total lower end camera to shoot professionally with (actually all those in that line are starter amateur cameras (D60, D70, D80, D90)). I've been meaning to upgrade for a while now, but didn't know which professional camera to get. After doing a lot of research over the last little while and pricing out what they go for brand new, second hand, and figuring out their value, I decided to take a leap today and I decided on the Nikon D300. I got a fantastic price on it, (last one in store too) and it's just the body. I didn't need any lenses, as I have 3 lenses already. I did pick up a flash for my both my Nikons (the SB-900) and a few accessories that I needed. I got a fantastic deal on all these items, and it was too hard to pass up. And I'm not selling my D60, I'm going to use it as my 2nd body/backup camera. What I like about the D300 is that I can insert 2 memory cards into my camera, one will take the picture in RAW and the other in JPEG format, at the same time. I still have a lot of reading to do, as my new body is not at all the same as my D60, but with a little reading of the instruction manual, I'm sure I'll be a pro at working the new camera in no time. Oh, I can't wait to play around with my new toys. Ah... the joys of new toys. Now... to go find where I put my camera bag that will fit all my equipment... I'm just giddy with excitement! Tell me... what do you shoot with? What's your camera of choice? Are you shooting just for fun? Professionally? Are you an amateur trying to get somewhere?


dawn said...

Love the shots with the new camera! Quentin is surely the king of all face making lol. Adorable! My hubby would love the double memory card slot since he does lots of photoshop junk for school. He is always messing with my camera and wanting to shoot in RAW...I'm about to hide it from him lol.

Tara said...

I got a D300 for Christmas, and I LURVE it. I'm sure I don't know half of what it can do, but I'll get around to reading the manual someday!

sapphireblue said...

Those expressions are precious!

I like to take photos, but nowhere near professional.

Aurora Rising said...
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Caroline said...

I have a Canon Rebel XS but I still need to learn how to use it. At least now I have a model!

Amelah said...

Cute pictures

IrishGirl said...

Take advantage of being able to pull him out of school anytime you want to enjoy him! Once they start 1st grade it gets harder and harder to do. I do give my kids the occasional "mental health" day because who doesn't need those once in awhile, eh? (My mom MADE me get the attendance award every year...I won't do THAT to my kids!!) :P

g-girl said...

that sneaky first born of yours! ;) congrats on the new purchase! i like babies in overalls too. love quentin's owl socks/shoes. they're adorable! i am an all around amature who just likes to take pictures! i have an older nikon (just a basis point and shoot).

Bea said...

Great faces!