Tuesday, March 01, 2011

3.1.11 :: 13 weeks & 217 weeks


Quentin is 13 weeks old today.


Sean is 217 weeks old today.

Today, Sears came to look at my washing machine as I have a warranty and had no idea that I was entitled to a free servicing once a year. Last week I was told to be home for Sears today from 8 am to 8 pm. What a huge time frame! Yesterday I get a call that the repair technician will call me today between 8 am and 8:30 am to let me know what time he was coming, ok that's fair. He finally called at 10 am this morning to let me know he would be here between 11 am and noon. He showed up way late, but at least he was in & out of here in like 20 minutes. The problem I thought with my machine isn't really a problem at all - there is a bit of mold in the seal ring that the door closes into (and I leave the washing machine door open while not using it - so mold doesn't form). The guy checked my machine, said it was working good and told me to wash 5 loads on certain settings with bleach and then do 1 load with washing machine cleaner (Tide sells some) and then it should be good to go. He said that I should be using the washing machine cleaner once a month. Glad to know that my machines are working well and that everything is good.

This afternoon I went to a few places with my mom to look at couches for our den & playroom. Since I've met Jamie we've never bought a single piece of furniture. Everything in our house is hand-me-down (except the crib in the nursery, which was a gift for Sean when he was born). Our bedroom set, dinning room set, couches came with Jamie when I met him (eventually we will replace them but for now they're functional). Our kitchen table came with this house. Our couches, some came with Jamie and all the rest were hand-me-downs... We have mismatched pieces in our dinning room, even in our bedroom (our TV sits on a dresser that my parents gave me). We have purchased little things like bookcases, etc... and the desk in my home office my dad got me while I was still a student... It was time, since we no longer have cats or any pets for that matter, to get some new couches. I found something at one store this afternoon, but there is a lot of garbage out there. After dinner tonight, I went back out with my mom to look at 2 more stores, but then ended up back at one of the stores I checked out this afternoon. I re-sat on the 2 couches we picked out, and in the end got this one for our den and another one (not on the website) for our playroom. Both are sectionals. Our den couch will be delivered on Thursday and the playroom at the end of next week. It's really a lot of fun to go furniture shopping. I hope that Jamie likes them... he trusted me to pick out couches, as I know his taste/style. I just hope he thinks they're as comfortable as I thought they were. Quentin was with me and he approved of both of them.


I think I can officially say that Quentin is sleeping through the night. It's now Tuesday and he's slept through the night every night since Thursday evening. It's been absolutely wonderful. And I think some of my friends might be jealous as their babies aren't sleeping through the night. Shhh! Though, Quentin told me he would have a chat with them and let them know what good it does their mama to sleep through the night. Ha! Anyhow, I really hope that by talking about it, I'm not jinxing it. (Knock on wood...)

Quentin has also been helping me organize my stash (see photo just above). He's quite the good helper too. I'm slowly organizing my yarn room by weight, so that I can see what I have to knit with. Also - slowly listing them on Ravelry so that when I want to start a project, I can go to the weight and see what I have in my stash, to use. Wow, is it a lot of work to see what I already have listed on Ravelry, if it's been photographed already if not, and plug in all that info. Also - I have a few things that are already listed in my stash, but that are classified wrong, etc.. and some of it is a huge mess. Slowly I'll get there.

With all the hoopla with the couches, I forgot to draw a name for the book giveaway, so I'll do that in tomorrow's post! Promise!


carolyn said...

OK, that is an ADORABLE picture of Quentin in the basket with your yarn. You should frame that and put it in your office where your stash is!

Congrats on him sleeping through the night, by the way.

kate-the-enabler said...

LOL That's ME! She's talking about ME!! But seriously, while I might be jealous of the sleeping through the night - it's only in the nicest possible way, and I'm thrilled for you that he's doing that - what a difference that will make in your life (I imagine.... ;) )
Also excited for you about the couches - can't wait to see photos in situ!!

Tara said...

Nice couch! You must be super excited to get it, eh? Oh, and that picture of Q. in your yarn basket is adorable :)

Sandra said...

One of these days I'll organize my stash and do something on Ravelry! Better than trying to depend on my memory!

sapphireblue said...

There's a baby in your stash! So cute!

g-girl said...

teehee. cute pic of quentin amidst some of your stash in the laundry basket! very nice couch!

Maureen said...

Do babies spontaneously appear in one's stash? Maybe I should check mine!! :D

Adorable picture. Agree with the idea of framing it for your office/craft space.

Amelah said...

Love the picture of Baby Q lying in the yarn! So cute!