Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day


Quentin’s come a long way since being born in this bathtub. This was his first home bath here. Look how much he’s filled out in about 5 months! He’s practically outgrown this tub too. In a few weeks once he can sit well on his own, I will transfer him into the next tub we have (that I’ve used for all the kids). I also have something else that I received as a gift, that I will try out. I have to pull it out of storage and see what it is even. I know it’s for sitting babies though.


This week we had some friends over and enjoyed some music. We had a lot of fun. We’ve been taking music with the same music guy since January, and it’s amazing how fast the time passes when you’re having fun.


This week we also spent time collecting bugs, and digging to China. I used to dig to China as a kid, it’s fun to do it as an adult too!


The boys made me some stuff in school for mother's day. Mack made me a magnet with his picture in it, which is now on my fridge, and Sean made me a tea cup that had a muffin in it. The tea pot card had a bag of tea in it. They're so cute my boys! Sean actually last night came to me and told me "I wrote my name in a Spongebob card for you, but I can't tell you until tomorrow". Oy. Can't tell him anything! And can't do things in advance with him. I told Jamie later last night what Sean told me and we had a good chuckle about it.


Quentin isn't feeling 100% today, but he's still all smiles. I think he might be cutting his first tooth. He's been leaving me a lot of lovely presents in his diaper today, on Mother's Day of all days. I think it is very likely he's cutting a tooth. (He's been cranky on top of it - but always with smiles). Sean showed me that he could still fit in the BébéPod chair. (I was actually shocked that he could still fit into it).

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there whom read my blog! Hope you had a nice day, spoiled by your loved ones.

Today’s Link Love:
- This image. And this one too.
- Love these tin can yarn holders.
- Love these faucets as hooks!
- Need to find time to make hanging book shelves for the boys. Very cute.
- Wow, this is a really organized fabric stash!
- Love this ruffled bookmark tutorial.
- I still love this diaper/wipes case tutorial.
- Love this twine/string storage organizer idea.
- Love love love love love love this purple dress.
- This made me laugh out loud! And this too!
- Why didn’t I ever think of this? Smart idea! (And I just chucked out 300 bread tabs!)
- Love this wish jar (and the photo).
- Love these camera soaps!
- ♥♥♥♥♥♥
- Wishes she could have this as her 30th birthday cake.
- Loving hearts today!
- Keep meaning to use up our crayon bits to do this.
- Now I feel better about my office being a mess!
- 2 more 5 point Pampers gifts to grow codes: LoveFromPattie5, YIYY9Y6DPDPD6DT
- I started a growth blog for each of my boys for their weekly self-portrait photos, instead of posting a million photos in my posts, since I'm not blogging daily anymore. You can view Sean's here, Mack's here and Quentin's here. It's just easier to keep track of it that way too. (Quentin's is fully up to date, Sean & Mack's will be fully there shortly, I am manually transferring everything over, so please be patient).
- I enjoyed a few movies this week. I saw Limitless (with Bradley Cooper), Going the Distance (with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long) and Due Date (with Robert Downey Jr). While they were entertaining, I wouldn't say any of the 3 were fantastic, nor would I watch any of them again. But it was entertaining while they were on.
- Jamie and I are back into the swing of things of watching Dexter. We've had Season 5 sitting on our PVR for months now, and did a marathon. Gosh that show is good. We have no idea where time goes, so catching up has been put on the back burner, but now that seasons are winding down for the summer, we're making time.


Tara said...

Sounds like you had a great day, Robyn! Phil and kids spoiled me as well, but I think my favourite part was Émilie coming up to me every now and then just to give me a hug and whisper "Bonne fête des mères" in my ear. It was awesome!

Mitali Ruths said...

Wow. Your playroom looks amazing. And I can't believe you fit all those people in there!

Vivian said...

THANK YOU!! It looks like you had a great mother's day weekend! Your kids are SO CUTE!

Tracy said...

Happy belated Mother's Day to you too. In the picture of Quentin in full smiles in the bumbo I think he looks a lot like Mack.

Amelah said...

Very sweet what the boys made you! Happy Mothers Day! (although I wished it in person!).

No more chicken legs for Mr. Q there ! Glad to see he is finally putting some meat on ! :)

dawn said...

Quentin has come a long way already! Such a cute smile, and I love that Sean can still squeeze into the little chair...ahh to have that tiny of a booty ;)

Bea said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

g-girl said...

what cute gifts you got from the boys for mother's day. :) love those images too. nice hanging book shelf. that purple dress is gorgeous. what a great idea for bread tags! i keep meaning to use up our crayon bits at school too. oh well. one day!