Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rice Cereal = 0, Sweet Potato = 1.


We've been keeping busy around here. I finally got my car back on Thursday afternoon (they had it for a total of 23 days (May 3-26) and I had driven it around broken for about 3 weeks before they even took it in. So Friday Quentin and I had to get the summer tires put back on my car, and get an oil change. Even stuck in a garage, he was a happy baby. He kept busy with gnawing on Captain Calamari. While he's teething like mad, he still has no teeth. I'm sure any day now.

I took Quentin on Thursday morning to get weighed. He's now 14 and a half pounds (6.58 kg or 6580 g). In the last 5 weeks (since the last time I had him weighed, he's put on approximately 25 g per day, which is great. (Average is between 20 & 25g per day). He's right on track. The nutritionist was actually there this morning and we were chatting and she was telling me that for Quentin, who was 4 weeks early, we have to calculate his growth at his "corrected" age. He might be turning 6 months old tomorrow, but his "corrected" age is 5 months old. For height, you calculate the corrected age until 36 months old, and for weight, until 24 months old. (So that they have time to catch up). According to Quentin's real age (6 months old tomorrow) he's still in the 3rd percentile for his growth for his weight. And for his "corrected" age, he's almost in the 15th percentile, which is a huge improvement from his "corrected" age at 2 months old (she plugged in all his weights into her chart). So he's doing well. I'm so happy. At 14 and a half lbs, I can see now if some of his 3-6 month outfits will fit him. He does still fit into 0-3 month clothing and some 3 month clothing (depending on the company). Though, he has no waste and is tall in length. I'm curious what his length is on the chart. But the clinic (CLSC) where I get him weighed, only does weight, and not height. And our new pediatricians don't do the whole "chart" thing for percentile. I might have to do some plugging into the chart myself. I'm sure I can get it online.

Rice Cereal = 0, Sweet Potato = 1. Quentin absolutely REFUSES to eat rice cereal. I've tried it a few times with him over the last week or so since he's tried it first. I gave up. I don't blame him, it is rather nasty. Sweet potato on the other hand, a huge success. Apparently I can't shovel it fast enough into his mouth. Tomorrow we embark on Banana, which is usually another hit.


We've been visiting some friends in the city this week too.
It's nice to catch up and see how our friends are doing.
Joy is 7 days younger than Quentin. She's a cutie.
She's moving closer to us at the end of the summer, we're very excited.


I finally caught Sean in a smile on camera over the weekend. He's been hiding from the camera a lot lately, but I managed to get him after he got home with some new toys from Toys R Us. (Daddy took them to get the boys out of the house for a bit on the weekend, while our new cleaning lady did some work around the house). On Saturday, Sean turned 53 months old.

Mack said to me yesterday, "You're not a girl, you're my mommy". He's too funny.

Today's Link Love & Laugh!
- These crochet shorts made me spit up my diet pepsi. They shouldn't be allowed!
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- I wish I had seen this tshirt when pregnant with Quentin.
- This invisible bathtub is quite neat.
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- Had a chuckle at the crochet toilet paper roll... why?
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- I love our lilacs this time of the year.
- On Thursday, May 26th, Mack turned 153 weeks old. This picture makes me laugh, because I thought it was Sean who was hiding from the camera these days.


sapphireblue said...

Yeah, there's some baby foods, especially the meats, that I can certainly understand why the baby makes a face. Glad he's eating some good baby foods. He should start putting on weight faster.

Tara said...

Wow, solids already, eh? Is it me, or is it going REALLY fast this time around?

g-girl said...

yay for sweet potatoes. :) the crochet shorts got a chuckle. crocheted tp??? really? hopefully just for show.