Monday, May 30, 2011

♥ Look what the postman brought!

Look at this! The post man brought some mail today. A little bit of something for everyone (except Jamie, sorry dude). My awesome knitting/penpal/ravelry friend Kim send us some mail. Thank you Kim, you are awesome & Rock! (And when I mean penpal, I mean we actually write letters by hand and mail them out).


Quentin got the first bit of loot - some cute 9 month size onesies (a size we actually needed!) and the most adorable sweater that Kim knit for Quentin. The pattern, I'm not sure, Kim? I can't wait for Quentin to fit into it!


The next part of the loot had some yarn ( hand dyed by Kim's friend - can you send me the yardage & fiber info please! And is there a colorway name? Or where on Ravelry I can link my stash to?) Also a book, a title I'd never heard of before, but it's about knitting, and I cannot wait to read it! There was also a super long letter which I just read & will reply to & then mail back to Kim. I still enjoy writing letters by hand and getting mail. (Letters, post cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, I love any kind of mail, it makes me feel warm inside when I open mail from friends).

And then there was some loot for Sean & Mackenzie. Some coloring books, some crayons & some silly bandz rings & bracelet. Thank you so much Kim - the boys LOVED everything! Two of their fave things - Coloring & Silly Bandz.

Thank you again for this amazing surprise in the mail. We love everything! ♥ Muah! ♥


sapphireblue said...

Penpalling is great. I've been doing it for probably 10 years. Wow! You got some nice things there!

g-girl said...

yay for special treats. :)