Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Quentin’s been hitting some milestones this week. While he doesn’t have any teeth yet, he has started (not all the time) told hold his own bottle. We are waiting on the okay from his pediatrician to start solids (because he was premature). We see his doc in a little bit, so it's not too bad.


And, he can sit! Not for great lengths of time, but he can sit! Now we just need to work on balance. He's getting so big before my very own eyes. This saddens me because he's my last baby. Yet, I'm so happy for him & all his milestones.

This last photo is for you Nadine.
He's sporting your Pebble that you made him!
Thank you - he loves it!

Today's Link Love:
- Love this teacher gift idea.
- Love this t-shirt.
- Love this Simplest, Most Time-Consuming, Impressive Dessert EVER.
- This image.
- This post on Bokeh.
- These bandaids made me laugh.
- This little kid is freakin' adorable.
- Yip, yip, yip, yip!
- Love how this green door jumps out! (And hello purple roof!)
- Wish I could get a few of these printed out!
- Love this eye spy tutorial. I think I need to make one.
- Today, Quentin is now 24 weeks old, Sean is 228 weeks old & Mack is 35 months old (one month exactly until his 3rd birthday).


sapphireblue said...

That baby is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Aw!!! You've totally made my day! :) Hurray, Quentin!! I am pretty sure it's that silky wool that's making him all smiley.

Literally seconds ago, I was wondering to myself what I should knit next. I'm thinking I should knit another Pebble. This time for Thien's baby! :)

Thank you so much for loving the vest. It was knit with lots of love.

Tara said...

Wow, he's getting so big! Enjoy those milestones, Robyn :)

Bea said...

Congrats on the milestones. That sitting position he's in is exactly how Gus sits most of the time.

Amelah said...

YEAH for all of Baby Q's milestones! He is growing so fast!! All three boys are!

dawn said...

Aww the little vest is so cute! Before you know it he'll be walking...I wish there was some way to slow down the growing ;)

g-girl said...

he can sit! awesome. :P wow, love that teacher gift idea. joey's mom made an eye spy thing like that but in hers, she put stuff from events that occured in their lives. she used bird seed and a water bottle.