Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter/ Passover 2012


I am now recovering from a long weekend. It was busy with Passover (we hosted Friday night Jamie's entire family and we went Saturday night to my parents house for the 2nd night), Easter (Sunday we had an afternoon late lunch with Jamie's step-family) and having the kids home on Friday and Monday). I took the older boys on Friday for a haircut (as you can see in these photos - but I'll post about that this week, they are sooo handsome when they get their haircut). We hoped you had a great holiday weekend, whatever you celebrate, and we hope that you had a good time. They kids kind of got wild off all the treats this weekend, but all in all they were good. Quentin cut his 4th molar and one of his four canine teeth (according to this website's teeth names), and has still not been sleeping through the night (and skipping some naps too). I need a week of sleep to catch up, but I think my body is now used to the interrupted sleep.



Kerry said...

Make them stop growing mama!!! They are getting so big. And they are so handsome. Glad to hear you all had a nice full weekend together!

hakucho said...

They're adorable! I bet they keep you busy :) I have similar photos on the couch of my three boys. Oh, my does it go by fast....enjoy :)

Girl Knits said...

Your boys are soooo adorable. What a great shot you got there.