Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Lovin' this Kimbra song, Settle Down.
- What a cute idea to make these baby rattles - fun baby shower gift! Though, I think the pattern is in this book, so it's not free. Maybe my local library has the book, I shall look. (Though, they don't look hard to make).
- There I go looking at cakes again. This iPhone/iPod one is fun!
- I want to make some apple fritters. Will wait until I am off "the diet" (which is going VERY well by the way!)
- Oh cookie monster, you make my laugh!
- I want an adjustable baking pan! How neat!
- Oh! I want light saber chop sticks! How fun!
- Here is a website with some pretty crazy things you can mail!
- Love this tutorial for a flat iron holder!
- I think I will grow my cucumbers this way this year in my garden.
- Love this trick for blowing up balloons - no helium needed. Too bad I don't allow balloons at our parties, I don't like balloons.
- Love this story of a little girl and her dog.
- Totally want to try these Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberries.
- Love these little mailbags!
- Love this cute balloon wreath!
- DIY Easy Air Freshener tutorial.
- Once I reach my goal weight, (so close too!) I plan to slowly re-introduce foods back into my life, and Baked Spaghetti is one of them! Yum! This recipe looks delicious!
- Love this adorable sheep cupcake! A knitter's treat!
- How to properly fold sheets.
- Love this dollar store candle revamp tutorial.
- Adorable Dr. Seuss cake!
- These cucumber feta rolls look absolutely delicious too!
- These fruit & yogurt cones look mighty yummy, just in time for summer!
- Oh, this *almost* makes me want to fall off the wagon :: Banana Split bites.
- Avengers' Masks for little boys to color in! (Link is direct to the PDF)
- I LOVE this video! Emily West's performing Head On for an episode of one of my fave shows, Body of Proof. (I will have to watch it on Youtube for now, I cannot buy the single in the Canadian iTunes store - it's only available right now in the USA :( - pooh!)


Anonymous said...

loving the links today Robyn. Now I can't stop thinking about banana split bites and baked spaghetti! Yum!

g-girl said...

that's the first time i've heard that song by kimbra. the baby rattles are cute. that cake IS cool! you've gotta start looking at desserts and think about how cool they look and think less about how good it probably tastes! apple fritters are very easy to make. you could probably make them not too sweet. haha. delete cookies!! the light saber chopsticks are awesome!! wow. i love how she mails stuff. might have to try something like that one day. wow, a potholder, huh. never would've thought of that! our 4th and 5th graders did that experiment with balloons and a water bottle. the painted mailbag is cute. wow, homemade air freshener! how in the world did that person get that fitted sheet so perfect! the candle revamp is cool! the dr. seuss cake awesome. those cucumber feta rolls are so you! the fruit parfaits look great! the banana split bites are adorable! i love those avenger masks!!