Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- These pepper nuts look yummy!
- So does this Lemom Blueberry muffin cake.
- Loving this storage idea for Lego.
- I'm thinking about making some homemade glitter playdoh!
- This Mandarin spinach salad looks so tasty!
- On the subject of food, (I think I was hungry when composing this post), this sesame chicken looks tasty too!
- I am loving this straw bead activity.
- Love this song by the Lumineers.
- Love this list of 10 things to NOT do on Instagram.
- I wish I had a daughter to make a Sweetheart dress for.
- This video on Instagram is funny. 
- How to survive a car trip with kids.
- Love this sweet Caroline dress.
- Love this painting/poster.
- Meet my BRAVE neighbor Jana. Isn't she beautiful?
- Really need to make some frozen yogurt blobs.
- What a neat watch!
- What a great use for cookie cutters - fun shaped fruit!
- These cucumber boats look yummy!
- Love this fun summer hair style.
- What a sweet little boy's sweater.
- Love this felt piggy bank.
- I think I need one of these drying racks in my laundry room.
- Trading money game - interesting!
- I think I might have to make some ice eggs.
- 100 Healthy snack ideas.
- I think I might have to make the boys some angry birds pizza!
- A cute way to display rocks in the garden.
- What a great use for yarn leftovers!
- Must convince my parents to get this climbing wall for their pool!
- What a great idea for a Toddler Activity - kids love to pull kleenex out of the box, why not fabric scraps!?
- I'm a hardcore tea drinker. I think I need to make myself a tea wreath. AWESOME!
- Need to make some of these DIY button bracelets.
- Love this photography Father's Day idea

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g-girl said...

the pepper nuts remind me of the little breads that are in chex mix! wow. by color??? amazing! i've made glitter play dough. there is a recipe for sugar cookie play dough and i added glitter to it. the kids love it! oh yeah..knew about the straws too. my teaching assistant 2 years ago had that idea! the sweetheart dresses are cute. i especially love their pose with their hands on their hips! love the binder idea for surviving a car trip with kids. that dress is adorable! your neighbor is very brave. at my old school we had a mom do that too. huh. that is a cool watch! cute salad! those cucumber boats are totally you! very cool hairdo. the piggy banks are adorable! that drying rack looks crazy! love the ice egg idea! i like that list of healthy snacks! i love those rocks!! the climbing wall is insane! the tea bag wreath is nice! the button bracelets are cool. the daddy cam is the best!!! i love it.