Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Last week I attended a vernissage at Sean & Mack’s daycare. Vernissage is held every April, to raise money for the daycare. In the past the money has gone towards new library books, new toys for the gymnasium, and stuff like that. Every set of parents buys their kids work (20$ a piece) and the pieces the boys did this year are fabulous. They are shown artists’ work and they get to pick which piece they are inspired by and they work on their piece, which takes weeks, I’m told. It’s an entire process.


Mackenzie’s piece was inspired by L’Horrible Chat des Neiges. He did an absolutely fabulous job on his piece.


Sean’s piece was inspired by ‘Sin Owl” Foliage Kenojuak, (this piece). Sean also did an absolutely fabulous job.

Now, to find where to hang these pieces in the house. We must find the right spot. If you are curious to see the pieces that the boys have done in the past, you can find them here: 2011, 2010, 2009. Next year, Quentin will join in on the fun, since he’ll be in daycare.


Jules said...

I just HAVE to comment on how talented your boys are!!! WOWEE those are great pieces! I can only hope M will be so creative and talented!

Dawn said...

Ohhh so cute! They are little artists and what an awesome way to do a fundraiser!

g-girl said...

very cool!