Saturday, May 26, 2012



Sean started baseball today, but I think we’re going to move him up to the next level. The 4/5 initiation program is not stimulating enough for my all-around athlete. The 5/6/7 year old program will be 2 nights during the week instead of Saturday mornings. He still had fun today. A lot of the kids there today were 3 turning 4 or 4 turning 5. Sean will be 6 this year, so he was the eldest there.


Enjoying a freezie after an hour and a half of hard work on the field.


It’s been all baseball talk around here. All he wanted to do all afternoon was toss the ball some more.

Speaking of baseball, Jamie had a ball game recently and after when he got home, he was stretching his knee because he was sore. This is the conversation he had with Sean:

Sean: “What are you doing daddy, stretching?”
Jamie: “Yeah, my knee is bothering me, so I’m stretching it".
Sean: “That’s good daddy, stretching is good when you get old”.

I swear, I don’t make this stuff up. Sean’s been on the ball with the funnies lately.


sapphireblue said...

Your kids come up with the funniest things to say.

g-girl said...

I love it!!!

Dawn said...

Ha ha I'm sure one of these days Sean will be old enough to stretch...I bet Jamie loved that!