Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Too bad my kids never really took a pacifier, these sunglasses are pretty awesome!
- Totally want a pair of these onion chopping glasses!
- I loved Rubik's cube as a kid - this game looks like a lot of fun: Rubik's Race.
- What a nice keepsake - Fingerprints Forever.
- Love the kid products (medic alert for allergies) on this website.
- I keep eying Scrabble Flash.
- Loving this My First NHL book series.
- LOVE this custom neighborhood play mat.
- Totally LOVE this Owl toothbrush holder. Too bad we need one for 5 toothbrushes, not 4.
- Digging this create your own jumbo floor puzzle.
- Has anyone played Monkey Dunk? Looks like fun!
- And what about the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game? Also looks like total fun!
- I think my boys would totally love Tetris Link.
- And one more game I think we'd get a kick out of play, Connect 4 Launchers. Maybe Mack will get it for his birthday?!
- With the school year coming to a close, these sweet teacher notes are a great idea.
- Love this dried flower idea.
- This is a great rainy day activity - glue + food!
- Loving these May desktop calendars!
- Isn't he adorable?
- This white chocolate cereal mix recipe looks beyond yummy.
- It's not even Halloween yet and I'm already thinking about pumpkin recipes.
- Love this hoodie!
- What a good way to organize tights!
- This is a cute DIY get well card idea.
- Lego storage is AWESOME!
- This Oreo tower is neat. Oreo is one of my weaknesses.
- These sheep cupcakes are adorable.
- Smart way to color code your keys.
- My boys (especially Sean) would love this DIY cardboard marble maze.


Hattie said...

I love looking at all the links when you post them. The binky glasses were cute but I can just imaging that (knowing how hard Olivia sucks on her binky)they would smack into their face a little lol. And those dimple things were SO cool but crazy expensive! I'm actually going to do the nail polish on the keys thing though, I was just thinking how I need to buy some of those things that go over them b/c I have SO many keys but this is better!

Laurel said...

Thank you for sharing my link for Color coded keys!! have a wonderful weekend!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh! those sunglasses are awesome! i love them (even though i'm not a big believer in pacifiers!). the onion goggles are great. i bet you have the rubik's race app on your phone if not ipad! the fingerprint jewelry is interesting. the kid products are cute on that website. the my first nhl books are so your boys! the neighborhood custom play mat is so cool! love the owl toothbrush holder! the squirrel game looks cute. love that tetris link game! seen those teacher notes before--they can be used with parents or kids too. love the tied flower display. oh the lentils and glue can be any kind of day activity! teehee cute pic with the cowboy boots! the hoodie is cute! that is a cute way to organize tights! the get well card is sweet. that oreo cake tower is adorable. i love the glitter on the keys!! thanks for the link to the therapy fun zone!