Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Another Baby Knit in Progress


I’ve cast on a new project, my 2nd Baby Shell. I had knit this while pregnant with Quentin for him, and he wore it well. I had a bit of trouble starting this one again, but after realizing what I did wrong (in joining the front & back flaps), I am now on a roll. I hope to get this piece done very soon, so I can give it to the recipient. I’m a bit behind on baby gift knitting, a few friends have had their babies already, and I need to make progress. I’m loving the color of this baby boy gift. It’s such a nice shade of sky blue. And even though the yarn had a bit of acrylic in it, it doesn’t feel that bad on the hands. I hope to show you a finished object soon.


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g-girl said...

who is it for?