Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden 2012


This week I worked on my garden, starting on Monday, which was a holiday. I spent Monday weeding, turning the earth, adding in more black earth & manure as well. I spent all day in the garden. (I got a nice tan to boot). I was able to plant the front half of the garden (on the left hand side of the image), sowing any seeds I was able to, right into the ground. I kind of let time slip away from me this year, and I didn’t plant any early starters indoors. (Next year, I promised myself). So, on Tuesday and Wednesday I picked up at various greenhouses and garden stores, the rest of the supplies (more earth & more manure, as well as started plants) and by Wednesday evening, my entire garden was finished. I planted green onions, 3 kinds of cucumbers, zucchini, 2 kinds of radish, a variety of large tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, a variety of lettuce, spinach, and a variety of both beans and peas. I think that's everything! I am very excited to see everything grow & eat fresh vegetables. This year I opted to not do spaghetti squash, which we grew last year and I gave up on trying to do broccoli, celery and cauliflower, as well as any kind of pepper. I find that peppers don’t grow well in our backyard. Maybe I’ll try them again in the future, but not this year.


Another project I worked on this week was converting our old Little Tikes Turtle Pool into a herb garden. It was sitting on the side of our house not being used, and since a herb garden needs to be contained so that things like mint don’t spread, I thought it would be fun to convert the pool into a garden.


Filled it up with earth & manure too.


And planted! I have Mint, Chocolate Mint, Thyme, Rosemary, Chives, Basil, Oregano and Parsley. I’m very excited to see what happens with this! While this is my 5th summer vegetable gardening, this is my first time with a herb garden. I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress (both my vegetable garden & this herb garden too).



These are my 2 fave decorations in the garden.
Aren’t they both pretty?


My fairy’s got a rake, those bugs better watch out!

Do you have a garden of any kind? What are you growing?


sapphireblue said...

Your garden looked really nice last year. I wish you much success this year.

g-girl said...

i love that you're using your old little tykes pool for an herb garden! that is genius. can't wait to see the progress of this year's garden! :)

Dawn said...

That is the coolest herb garden ever! What a great idea...we almost bought one of the tiny raised beds for herbs but just used various pots instead. We have broccoli, eggplant, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, and various berries. My cucumbers did not come up, so I may have to go to one of those pick your own cucumber places that we have just down the street.