Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this easy layered wooden frame tutorial.
- Love this no-sew honeycomb picture!
- Keep toying with the idea of knitting an iPad sleeve.
- Love this fun music video.
- This oatmeal 2 go looks mouth watering good.
- Would love to see Adele live. I get goosebumps just listening/watching this video.
- Love the Dogwood set (free pattern!)
- This strawberry spinach salad looks super yummy!
- I want a pair of glasses like this!
- Loving this scarf tutorial.
- Loving this song, Dream your Dreams by Yosi Knecht. Jamie used to play baseball with him, and his daughter was diagnosed in 2010 with Leukemia. Please feel free to purchase this beautiful song via iTunes as a portion of the proceeds go to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I just got my copy!
- These superhero beads are awesome.
- Saw Avengers last night, and it was beyond awesome. I want to go see it again. It was incredible. And Robert Downey Jr. was as sexy as ever.
- I must put up a few of these around town.
- Love this simple beaded bracelet.
- I think I need to organize the kids snacks in the cupboard like this.
- I like this tshirt skirt tutorial.
- These shoes are adorable!
- Love this recipe for homemade watercolors.
- This is a great tutorial on upholstering chairs.
- This honey dijon BBQ Chicken looks yummy!
- Love these quilted coasters.
- This chipotle chickpea salad looks yummy!
- The end of the school year is coming up, and I'm loving these gift card tags.
- These apple cinnamon pancakes look delicious!
- This zucchini carbonara looks yummy too.
- These superhero preschool packs are neat.
- Yum, homemade tzatziki!
- Ok, can you tell I'm on a food kick today? This pierogi recipe looks yummy!
- Is it Christmas yet? I'd like some gingerbread cookies please!
- This potato peeling video makes me laugh every time.

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g-girl said...

the layered wooden frames look nice! oooh, the cabled ipad sleeve is gorgeous! i love adele too! thanks for the link for dogwood. the glitter glasses are awesome! the scarf is cool. you could totally make your own beads--i don't know why i didn't ever ask you about that! i LOVE those beaded bracelets! wow! t-shirt to skirt?? incredible! the upholstered chairs make me think of nate berkus. teehee. the quilted coasters are very nice! carissa has lots of great preschool packs. wow. i didn't know you could peel a potato that way! cool. :)