Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- I love this mug.
- I love these no sew headbands.
- I keep saying I'm going to make these, I better get my act together. I wonder if it would fit on my swiffer vacuum?
- Nutella + banana + blender + freezer = YUM!
- Sean's starting kindergarten in September (tear..) and I'm now ready with some lunch box ideas!
- I love this illustrated food storage guide.
- Love this tshirt bib tutorial.
- Love this color my world gift!
- I totally want a "just a slice" baking pan!
- Love these tulip cake pops - just in time for spring!
- I love love love love love this nintendo table.
- Love these utility cord bracelets.
- How to starts seeds in egg shells.
- I love this storage idea.
- Love this mug cozy (free pattern).
- Isn't this precious!?
- I love this pincushion tutorial!
- Love this 3 pocket scissor case.
- Love this umbrella wreath!
- Love this organizational basket sewing tutorial.
- Loving this ruffled needle case tutorial. 
- Love these little blue mason jars, and the tutorial on how to make the lids for it.
- Love these 10 great ideas to use puffy paint!
- Love these print screened tshirts!
- Taking the kids to Disney? Check out Erica's great tip for the park!
- Love these frames on this wall!
- Remember this 3D toy? I want to find one for my boys! How fun!
- I am curious to try Baked Spasagna!
- I am also intrigued by embroidered cork trivets.
- Since the movie is coming out soon, here are some fun ideas for kids to play "Avengers!"
- This knitted map is pretty neat.
- I think I might have to plant some magic jelly beans too. 


Girl Knits said...

My kid would absolutely love Baked Spasagna - thanks for the link!

g-girl said...

i love that mug! i love those bentos! thanks for that food storage guide. the t-shirt bibs are are some of the other projects on that blog! wow. those tulip cake pops are amazing! the nintendo table is cool. i've heard of starting seeds in eggshells before. i've done it with wet newspaper and my teaching partner put dried peas in a ziploc with some water and those sprouted! the mermaid outfit is adorable! the three pocket scissor case is interesting. oh my gosh! the umbrella wreath is so clover! that tote is awesome! i've seen the tinted mason jars before. :) wow!!! puffy paint rocks! those screen printed ts are cute! i knew about the hidden mickeys. love the frames! oh my gosh, viewmasters!! that is so cool that you can make your own reels! the knitted map is so cool! oh the magic jelly beans idea is so sweet!