Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Trip


This weekend, after a birthday party near home on Saturday, I packed up Mackenzie and Quentin and we head on the road for Ottawa. I was equipped with an audiobook and the boys watched a movie. I drove down during what was supposed to be Quentin’s nap time, however, he finally fell asleep close the the Ontario border, and just after the Ontario border we had to make a very quick stop, as Mackenzie had to go to the bathroom and as soon as the car stopped, Quentin woke up (of course) and then didn’t fall back asleep.

Saturday night we had dinner at our cousins house, and then I watched the kids for a bit so that she could go to a meeting, and the kids played. I put Quentin to bed, and then once our cousin got back from her meeting, we tried to put Mack and his cousin Rosie to bed, but they wanted nothing of it. So finally, we got them to sleep on us, while we watched a movie. (I have a review post coming shortly with all recent movies & books I’ve been reading/watching – stay tuned – it’s long overdue actually).

This morning I went to a birthday party at another cousin’s house. Actually, they’re not technically my cousins, but my cousin’s cousins. My uncle’s wife’s sister’s kid’s daughter’s 2nd birthday. (Did I lose you there?) My aunt who married my mom’s brother, her sister (so not my aunt), it was her granddaughter’s 2nd birthday). I have always been friends with my cousin’s cousin, growing up, he’s 3 months older than me, and we had a lot of mutual friends and we hung out a lot back in the day. I’ve gotten friendly with his wife, since they had kids, and it was nice to go there. It was also nice to see other old friends, that I haven’t seen in forever, two whom I had no idea got married to each other and now have an almost 2 year old son. Amazing! 


After the birthday party, we met up with our cousins, (the ones we stayed with), and we hung out at Chapters for a bit – the kids played on these awesome Plasma Cars. They had a ton of fun. We also hit up Michaels (I have a new baby to show you soon – I got my early mother’s day present!), and soon I won’t have to run to Ontario (or Plattsburgh, NY) for Michaels, we’re getting one here, in Vaudreuil. (! And lastly, a quick stop at Bulk Barn as my cousin had a coupon for a pretty good gluten-free snack that is extremely low on calories, so I wanted to stock up on that, since I think this will be my go-to snack when I’m craving something like chips.


Mack did not want to go home. He had a great time with his cousin (who is exactly 5 months younger than him). It was heartbreaking to leave, he was so sad.


Unlike the car ride there, both boys napped more than half the way home. I was content, as I finished my first audiobook, so I started another one. I’m almost half way done this one too, now. I spend so much time in the car these days, I’m addicted to audiobooks. (Got any recommendations for a good audiobook?)


It feels great to be home though. I missed my bed. I always do while traveling. I also missed my other 2 boys, Sean & Jamie, who stayed back in Montreal as Sean had his hockey banquet this weekend.


Sandra said...

be careful with Michael's - that place can suck you in and drain your bank account in no time! CHeck their flyer (paper or online) for their weekly coupon.

Girl Knits said...

Mack is so cute with his cousin. So nice that you guys have family close enough to your place.