Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this pom pom garland tutorial.
- Love this tutorial for crocheted hangers. Too bad it's not in English. Though, it looks simple enough to try to figure out on my own.
- Sewing machine cleaning tutorial - I probably need to service mine too!
- How to get rid of hot glue strings while crafting.
- Homemade taco seasoning recipe!
- Love this messenger style library bookbag tutorial.
- Love this Spring Wreath Tutorial too!
- Can you believe they are phasing out the Canadian penny!?
- I totally want to host a fun book swap party!
- These are totally awesome door handles!
- I love this alphabet scavenger hunt.
- Totally loving this chalkboard tray!
- Perfect for spring, a very cute mailbox bird feeder.
- Love this fabric banner!
- Lovin' this no-sew garland!
- Easy baby shower sewing pattern for burp cloths!
- I think I want to try Drea's recipe for Bourbon Chicken, sounds yummy!
- Love these homemade sparkly playdoh party favors!
- Love this book sling pattern.
- Finger knitting looks like a lot of fun!
- What a gorgeous ring!
- Loving this hairstyle!
- Wish I had a pair of these sandals! Love 'em! (Total Owl thing right now!)
- Interesting toddler chore ideas.
- This is sooo funny & sooo true!
- Fantastic space decorations for an awesome space party.
- A place for tickets memory box. For all the concert, hockey, baseball & football tickets... rather than throw away, this is a great way to display! slit at the top to drop in more tickets as the years go on!
- I'd love a triple name ring with all my boys names on it... what a wonderful gift that would be!
- Love this car kit - the kids would have so much fun!
- This bowl is a lot of fun too! How neat!
- The boys keep seeing a commercial for Squishy Baff... but at 14.99$ - even though it's cool, I don't know if I'm keen on getting some!
- Love to pinch some baby rolls!
- Love these ballerina snowflakes!
- These baseball cupcakes are a great party idea!
- This Candy-o-Gram is a great teacher gift idea!
- Funky hair do!
- Love this sock bunny tutorial!
- These princess headbands are awesome!
- Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!
- I love shoes, but..... I think this is way too much!
- I love a good sorbet in the summer!


Mitali Ruths said...

I like the idea for a book swap party!

Anonymous said...

Bourbon chicken...I am trying that recipe for sure! Thanks for all the great links.

g-girl said...

pom poms are amazing. there are SO many things you can do with them! nice step by step guide to cleaning and oiling your sewing machine. guess that's coming up on your list. ;) a hair dryer! wow. hadn't ever thought of that. check your link for the messenger bag and the spring wreath. I think the US wants to do away with our penny too. cute stuff for the book swap party. did you see the cute cake in the sidebar with the umbrella (not to eat!!! just like how it looks!). the chalkboard tray is very cool. I totally need to make my own chalkboard paint like on the a beautiful mess blog! love the bunting! the garland is awesome and so eco-friendly. check your link for the burp clothes. ooh, am definitely adding the bourbon chicken to my recipes! :) looks yummy! thanks for the finger knitting link. i suck at it! lol. I need a slow step by step. :) the triple name ring is cool!

Gabriela said...

Hubby and I are going to make a ticket memory box. That's a wonderful idea! I'm thinking of a book swap for our book club.