Friday, August 24, 2012

Eye Appointment – Check!


This morning I took Sean & his best friend (not pictured in this post) for an eye exam as a back-to-school check up. Sean starts Kindergarten next week (I’m still not ready for this reality) and his best friend (who is 9 months older than him) will be entering the 1st grade. Since we’ve been watching his best friend all week and we had an appointment for Sean anyhow, we got both boys checked at the same time.


Sean looked so cute in the glasses that they made him wear during one of the exams. I had to snap a picture.


Sean & his friend both have 20/20 vision and have no other issues that sometimes kids have with their eyes. The optometrist wished them good luck with school next week & sent us on our merry way. Both boys had never been to an eye doctor before, and they said upon walking out that they had fun at the eye doctor. I think it was all the cool gadgets the optometrist’s assistant used. We’ll check-in again next end of summer when Sean starts grade one and we’ll bring Mackenzie along next time as he’ll be starting kindergarten. (They’re seriously growing waaay too fast).


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g-girl said...

does sean's best friend go to the same school as him?