Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Oh, I'd love a dress-up station!
- This would be a great organization piece!
- Too bad this iPhone ultrasound machine wasn't available when I was pregnant!
- This is gross yet cool at the same time.
- This poem is so sweet.
- I think there might be some toilet roll painting in my future.
- Almond cream stuffed strawberries, 'nuff said.
- Cookies and cream cheesecake, another 'nuff said.
- I think this will be one of my next knitting projects, it's sooo cute.
- My boys would love this crochet car track!
- Love this red!
- Meal measure is genius!
- 50+ Recycled Tshirt projects.
- A cute way to display peppers & hummus for a party.
- Any mother of a toddler or who has had a toddler, would agree to this.
- Love this giraffe painting.
- This bench & these cushions are gorgeous.'
- One reason I wish I had a daughter, soooo cute!
- These raspberry cookies look delicious.
- I like this magnetic chore chart.
- This beer pong pool game looks like fun!
- I love love love love love love love this bracelet.
- I love this summer dress from Spain.
- LOVE this dress, but not so much the color.
- And THIS dress is gorgeous!
- This is what I'd like to be doing right about now.
- Oh yes, I agree.
- Very cute dress. Ok, I'm on a dress kick now that I have lost all the baby weight (and them some!)
- These pinata cookies look fun to make & eat!
- Love this palette plate.
- Spend your summer by the pool? These waterproof playing cards are pretty awesome!
- I'm on the lookout for a waist pack for when I jog, this one looks interesting.
- The toddler Vinci tablet looks interesting!
- Love these Kiko Ashiato flip flops for kids. Would be cool to go stamp up a beach!
- Can't wait for Sean (and the other boys) to start spelling more, so that we can play games like Bananagrams!


Johnnie said...

Thanks for the shout out. xoxo, Johnnie

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Shannon said...

Wow, that's some red hair! I love it, but I don't think I could pull it off. Looks great on her, though.