Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love these bears in a bubble bath!
- Love this punch box idea for a birthday party instead of a pinata!
- Totally want to try this with my hair!
- Love this kid quote book tutorial!
- Love this station rotation idea.
- Love this Q-tip art!
- Love this lego play & storage idea.
- Be-YOU-tiful!
- This is an awesome bookcase!
- Gorgeous journal page!
- Love this little crochet bracelet.
- This is a great way to store your knitting needles (circular and DPNs) in a CD case!
- Love this doodle coloring page.
- This is a STUNNING bead bracelet.
- Oh wow, beaded shoes?!
- These pumps are hysterical!
- What a fun idea for flip flops!
- Ok... now I've seen it all... Swarovski crystal-embellished satin pump?!
- WOW! What a stunning necklace!
- Love this self portrait!
- Ok, this is what I'll be doing with my kids scribble drawings!
- Love the idea of ziplocking outfits.
- As a mom of all boys, this looks to be a great list of books for boys!
- As soon as Quentin's done with our crib, I'm totally converting the side rails into a bookshelf!
- How to be a fun mom!
- I think I need to make a fun wallet to keep Quentin occupied in restaurants, while waiting for apts, etc!
- Swimming pool Scrabble looks like fun!
- So does this Sponge Tower idea.
- Love these DIY scrabble tiles!
- This bike parking is a genius idea!
- Love this ruffled lamp shade makeover.
- I know summer is just about over, but I like this idea for next year :: a gutter garden!
- Love this wooden airplane project!
- Wishing I could cuddle up in this couch right about now.
- Where was the GO-POD 5 years ago? I could have used this with all 3 kids! It's awesome.

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Elena said...

Wow! Thank you so much for linking to my Punch Box :)