Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

-  LOVE this Rio tea set for 2.
- Love this iPhone back-up battery.
- Next time the kids end up with Toys R Us Money, I think the entire family would love to play Creationary!
- I can't find a toothbrush holder that holds more than 4 brushes (we need for 5). I'm thinking this might do?
- Loving this lego watch, this one, and this one too.
- What a pretty necklace.
- Love this superhero in a box kit.
- LOVE these awesome construction fork, spoon & "knife".
- Intrigued by both Monopoly Zapped and LIFE Zapped. Has anyone played either?
- I want to see if our local library has a copy of Darth Vader & Son, I think the boys would like it.
- Love this mustache pacifier. Too bad my boys never took a paci really.
- Would love to get a copy of Knit Red. Too bad it's not available as an ebook.
- Love the conceal book shelf. And this Turf Shelf.
- What a neat watch, GPS for golf courses!
- Once the boys need a desk in their room for school, we will have to look into getting them a raised bed, this one is quite neat!
- Love love love love love this button box.
- These personalized bottles are awesome.
- This handmade crochet hand puppet is awesome!
- My boys would flip for these Star Wars Cookie Cutters!
- Has anyone tried the Zeno Hot Spot? Any good? Looks neat!
- Hmmmm, crayons that don't roll? YES PLEASE! Great for restaurants!
- This Dwink holder is a neat idea.
- The Infant travel high chair is awesome, we have one like it, but haven't had an opportunity to use it yet.
- This lego camera is pretty fun for kids. Too bad it's only 3MP.
- Love this custom Name Alphabet Print.
- We are a huge fan of the Coleman Puddle Jumpers, Mackenzie swims with one, and next summer Quentin will too.
- The Little Tikes Tire Swing looks like fun!
- These kid socks are genius!
- LOVE this outdoor swing chair.
- With Sean starting kindergarten shortly, I'm looking into re-useable sandwich and snack bags. Though, I fear he'd accidentally throw it out, instead of bring it back home. Do you use re-useable bags? Thoughts?
- Love these Elephant bookends.
- This mail set looks really cute for kids to play with.
- We LOVE our Boon Frog Pod.
- LOVE these quiet books. I think I need some quiet, hmmm!


Maureen said...

Some broken links, hon.

I have a puddle jumper question! Does the chest portion go all the way around? (Meaning, is it a tube that goes around the kid?) I've never seen one in person and I am curious how it stays on. :)

DawnC said...

Have fun with the toothbrush holder idea. I had three kids too. I currently use a heavy glass colored goblet. Much easier to clean too, and the ends of the toothbrushes arent in the dark exposed to all that closed in bacteria. With little ones, find a colorful plastic goblet, etc.