Monday, January 02, 2012

Monday Afternoon Link Love

- Lawn jenga looks like so much fun!
- I know father's day is 6 months away, but this is a very cute idea.
- I love cherries.
- 50 best iphone apps for kids.
- 100 books to read in Kindergarten.
- LOVE this 2012 declutter calendar (PDF). Something to declutter every day of the year!
- Love these knitted gift card-igans, that double afterwards as an ipod cozy!
- Love this felt flower scarf tutorial.
- Love this Mason Jar herb garden.
- Love this cute Valentine's day gift idea.
- Saving this candy sleigh idea for the end of 2012!
- 31 days to an organized home.
- Again, another idea to store for December, I love this button wreath tutorial.
- Love these paint chip bookmarks.
- Love these stache nails.
- Love this bird feeder - all you need is a wire hanger, a slinky, and some peanuts.
- Makes the cold look so beautiful.
- Lots of fun ways to wrap a gift.
- I love this rug!
- Now, everyone saw awwwwwwwwwww with me!
- This made me laugh.
- Great gift basket ideas.
- Totally making one this week for our bathroom. Maybe a reminder for the boys to aim!? I've even got the scrabble letters ready to make this!
- Might use this idea for one of the boys birthdays this year.
- Love this book display.
- Love this bracelet.
- LOVE this family ornament.
- These are funky bracelets!
- Love this bench - re-purposed!
- 10 best apps for kids.


g-girl said...

lawn jenga! what will they think of next? i love that father's day idea!!! that is awesome. what a great declutter calendar already filled in with activities for each day. :) love that mason jar herb garden idea too! beautiful shot of the dandelion! definitely that picture does make the cold look beautiful. awww, so cute! sigh, I love that book display too!

Hippy Chick said...

omg, thank you for sharing the link to the card-igans! I spent some time browing the Simply Knitted category and there is such cute stuff there!

Girl Knits said...

Your link loves make me want to get organized!