Monday, January 09, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love Annie by Jane Richmond.
- Love these popsicle stick puzzles.
- How to make fabric pom poms.
- Love these stegosaurus socks.
- Love this sequin sweater.
- Peppermint marshmallows look yummy, too bad the 2012 diet is already in effect!
- Love this kissing ball tutorial.
- Hi 2012, be sweet please.
- I want to try crock pot italian meatballs.
- Taking spaghetti squash to the next level - Spaghetti Squash lasagna.
- With 3 boys at home, I have a new love for hotwheels, this video is quite fun.
- This Norwegian apple cake looks delicious.
- Here is another interesting take on lasagna.
- Mmmm, broccoli and bowties!
- My boys have been obsessed with Super Mario these days, here's a great costume tutorial.
- I wonder if Quentin would like these baby cakes.
- Homemade apple sauce that looks soooo yummy!
- Caramel popcorn is making me want to fall off the wagon.
- This had me peeing in my pants of laughter.
- I love these Hide N Squeak eggs... they look so much fun to play with.
- Love these pilot hats... for the kids, of course.
- Love this earbud pouch tutorial.
- This doorknob is adorable.
- These watermelon cake pops look yummy!
- What a genius idea.
- Love this use for old windows.
- A great way to store extra rolls.
- Oh yum, yum, yum, yum, stuffed zucchinis!
- Love this flat bottom pouch tutorial.


IrishGirl said...

Oh, you HAVE to make the boys Mario and Luigi some year....and maybe Yoshi, too? Dang cute!

g-girl said...

LOVE the stegosaurus socks. I even want a pair. :) homemade peppermint marshmallows?? love it! what does one do with a kissing ball? have you tried any of her recipes yet? (skinnytaste). spaghetti squash lasagna? been there. You can throw in zukes too. it's delish! broccoli and bowties-yum! so many yummy recipes in this week's link love!! the applesauce looks delicious. the caramel corn looks great. oh my word. the mario and luigi costumes rock! do you think sean and mack might go as mario and luigi next year? the hide n' squeak eggs are adorable! very cool doorknobs. the watermelon pops look awesome! i love what they did with those old windows. very cool. zucchini cups. genius!

Girl Knits said...

Love the Super Mario costumes!