Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- I love me some great dane.
- I love this image.
- In our home....
- Fun toothpaste experiment for kids.
- What a great motivational idea for weight loss.
- I should mark this on my own scale.
- I love this image.
- What a brilliant idea for storing puzzles.
- Zucchini + tomato + basil + cheese = I can't wait for my garden this summer!
- Love these apple & grape cars!
- I need to cover my refrigerator shelves with Saran's Press and Seal Wrap....then when it gets dirty just peel it off and apply a new piece!
- Did you know!? Oh my, the wonderful tips on this page!
- A pen like this really exists?
- Love these hot pads!
- Very cute bookmarks!
- For the daughter I will never have. Sometimes I dream.
- Love this grocery check-list.
- 46 Freezer meals for approx. 96$
- Yumbots are soooo cute!
- Beautiful imagery.
- Love this tree.
- I've got to try this on our next beach vacation!
- Warm caramelized onion dip - with low fat ingredients! Yes please!
- 40 Blows. Must remember this for hubby's 40th.
- Seeing these pillow mattresses again, makes me want to make some for the boys.
- This is my dream closet. Nuff said.
- Never want to lose your bobby pins again? Put a magnetic strip in your medicine cabinet!
- I want one of these....! Full length mirror with jewelry storage behind it!
- One day I AM going to get myself one of these....
- I totally want to make some record book ends.... (I used to make record bowls!)
- I love love love love this owl clock.


Girl Knits said...

Great links, once again!

g-girl said...

cute family pic. i like that in Our Home sign. i have to figure out how to work that elephant toothpaste into my science curriculum!! it's so true what it says on that scale! oh i love that shot of all the hot air balloons! i love the puzzles in those drawstring bags! that's zucchini?? looks delicious! the apple and grape cars are cute! huh. the fridge would stay much cleaner with that stuff on wouldn't it. i love that Do you Know series! whoa what a cool pen. i love those hot pads!! ooh an origami version of those monster bookmarks! very cool grocery list. that is so cool what they did with the flowers! ooh, i like those pillow mattresses! cute bowl!