Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sean in Nets

This is a video of Sean in nets (white jersey is his team) at a tournament they played in last weekend. They had no goalie for that game, and asked the kids and Sean volunteered. At this level (MAHG 2) all the kids rotate getting a turn being goalie. (He loves all things about goalie). Anyhow, I didn't get to go to the tournament, as it was held at 8 am, and I had 2 kids still sleeping at that hour. In this video, from the 3 shots on Sean's net, he saves 2 of them! (The 2nd two). He played quite well in nets. (Not sure how I feel about him making this a regular thing - goalie equipment is quite expensive!) GO SEAN GO!


Girl Knits said...

Way to go Sean! Do you think he'll continue on as goalie or as a player?

g-girl said...

what can we say, you just might have a goalie in your household. ;)