Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Project 365 + 1


Last year I did Project 365, and stuck to it, for an entire year! I can't believe that I actually took a photo a day, for an entire year. Mind you, it's not that hard, being a photographer, and always having at least 2 cameras on me, at all times. (Always at least have my pocket camera, and my iphone camera on me).


And this year, I'm trying it again. Project 365+1. I've got Instagram (free) on my side, which is fun to use, and as well, Photo365 app too (.99¢). I'm ready to rock'n'roll for another full year of taking pictures every day. I was thinking of sitting out this year, as life got crazy busy, but I think I can manage a photo a day... to keep me on my toes. So pop on over to my 365+1 blog, and follow me there too! (Ps- If you click on the images, I have captions under each one!)


Maureen said...

I started too, since I was such a spectacular failure last year. :)

I've already topped last year since I've done three days already. LOL.

One thing I am doing is different is letting myself off the hook and just trying to build a habit. My pictures will be blurry, boring, and poorly lit, and whatever in many cases and that is okay with me this time. I am sure I'll get some good shots, just not every day. ;)

KTE said...

Oh GOOD! I was going to miss your photo journal of the year :) Looking forward to seeing you soon too - happy new year - KTE

Tara said...

I just started using Instagram as well! With mah brand spankin' new iPad :)

Lily said...

Hi Robyn It's me again. Lily (fahy.bygate@verizon.net) still hoping you will sell me one of your skeins of Cascade Dolce color Black
Happy New Year! LIly

Girl Knits said...

Thanks for the tips on the apps!