Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Gotta try this Valentine idea for next month!
- LOVE this newborn photo... baby looks sooo darn cozy.
- Awww, sooo adorable!
- I want to knit a monkey butt!
- I have to get my kids a superman shirt!
- Last week I talked about making record bowls. Here's the tutorial. Now I want to get my hands on some old records!
- Very cute tote bags!
- I totally want to make a toilet paper cozy!
- Cute centerpieces!
- How to make your own bow!
- Talk about organization!
- I think I want to throw Mack a Piratey 4th Party. My fave part? Digging for treasure....!
- I totally need to make Quentin a Quiet Book. Or a busy book!
- I love these crochet cowboy boots!
- Where on earth was this portable high chair 3 kids ago?
- A great idea for letter searching.
- Love this angry birds toss game! The boys got this game recently, and have been having fun playing it! Love this angry bird cake too!
- We WISK you a Merry Kissmass!
- Most adorable DIY jelly fish costume!
- Awesome headboard for a boy's room!
- 9 Activities for ages 1+.
- I'd love me a tummy like this! (After 3 kids... I still have hope!)
- This cucumber trellis is genius! I think I will have to do that this summer.... Oh, I'm already dreaming of my summer garden.
- I LOVE this lego table!
- Sock Fish Game (magnets stuffed in near the mouth) Tons of extra socks in my sock bag!
- Just got a Tie Chair for Quentin second hand. Where on earth was this product 3 kids ago? Seriously!? What a great invention!
- What a wonderful accessory - Fringe Scarf! Tutorial here.
- I am SOOOOO trying this with green onions! I'll let you know if it works!
- Head sizing for knit hats. GENIUS! Thanks Tottoppers!
- Love this bracelet!
- Nice photo.
- STUNNING photo!


Girl Knits said...

Thanks for the links! Love them every Monday!

g-girl said...

the butterfly valentines are always a hit. oh my gosh, talk about adorable! the link for the baby with the ornaments doesn't work but i made it work. :) love those cranky pants. ooh, thanks for the tutorial on how to make those record bowls! love those runaround bags. the tp cozy is cute. what a great idea for candy canes! oh how i love those felt mustaches on sticks! love that busy book! wow, a portable high chair? what will they think of next? i lov that jellyfish costume!! too frickin' cute! the cucumber trellis is pretty. that is an awesome lego and car table. lol. tie chairs?? i love it. oh my gosh! I want to try that green onion thing too. :) thanks for the head sizing chart! whoa. that picture in the glass is trippy!