Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bella Ruffle Bag


Two weeks ago, I started this little purse, a Bella Ruffle Bag. My step-mother-in-law had seen me “like” one on Facebook that my friend made. So, I decided to make one for her for Christmas/her birthday (which are 2 days apart) and give it to her with a few other things that I got for her.


It took me a day over 2 weeks to make it (December 13-December 28) because there was some issues in the pattern, and I had to ask for help from a friend in my weekly knitting/crochet group as she had made a bunch of these bags. I ended up “fudging” a bit of the pattern, but in the end, it came out cute, and I hope my step-mother-in-law likes it. (It’s the least I can do, my in-laws got me a Kitchen Aid Mixer for Christmas this year!)


I used .53 of a skein of Cascade 220 in a light blue and the ruffles on the bag were 1.76 skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Sapphire Blue. I used an H hook (5.0mm) for most of the bag + ruffles a G hook (4.0mm) for the handle at the top.


The pattern is badly written. I got through it because of my friend in my knitting/crochet group had made a bunch and figured it out before me, so I was able to ask a lot of questions. Also, there’s a row in there that shouldn’t be. I don’t think I’ll make another one of these again, but if I should, I know what to do to make it better.


TACIStudio said...

So cute. Your step-mother-in-law is so lucky ! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

It's too cute!

Spinner said...

Very sweet! I love the colours you used. Sorry to hear the pattern was so frustrating, but you did a fantastic jog. I'm sure your step-mother-in-law will love it. Fair trade for a KitchenAid :)

sapphireblue said...

Very cute! I could see that in black with sparkles. Cute, cute!

g-girl said...

It's so cute. It's like a mini-skirt!