Monday, December 17, 2012



Last week I whipped up quickly a Dino Hat, on a request for a photography prop. I made the newborn size. If you remember this hat I made Quentin, it was modeled on the same size ball, before he was born, which is how I knew that the hat would fit a newborn, since it fit my newborn. I forgot to check how much yardage I used (by weighing the hat) but I can get the hat back from the recipient, to weigh. I’ll do that. (I like having accurate information on Ravelry). This hat really didn’t take long to make, but it was in the middle of a crazy week between Quentin’s 2nd birthday party and Sean’s 6th birthday party (he turns 6 in less than 2 weeks, I can’t believe it). I started it on the 6th in the evening and finished it on the 8th, but weaved in the ends on the 9th, so it was officially done on the 9th. I used a 5.0mm crochet hook (H) and both colors are Cascade 220 Superwash yarn, which I had in my stash. It really took nothing in the green & even not so much in the brown. Actually, I could probably work backwards for the weight, I started a new skein (100g) I can see how much brown I have left! Yes, I’ll do that. (Check ravelry later for that info, if you’re curious and want to make a hat of your own). I do plan to make this again, in a larger size, probably for the same photographer. The crochet designer of the pattern’s etsy shop doesn’t exist anymore, so I cannot link her pattern/shop anymore, but it wasn’t a free pattern, if it was on Etsy. I actually altered the spiked and made my own, I didn’t like the way they were written out in the pattern. They were fidgety to work with and I like my method better. I also extended the length of the tail a bit, to make sure it comes all the way down over the baby’s bum. Hopefully it’s long enough! I haven’t gotten any feedback from it being used yet. It’s super cute though… and the pattern I have goes up to adult sizes. I’m not so sure I’d wear a hat like this, but maybe my boys would!


I’ve got some other crochet projects I’ve been working on to show you, and now that things are calming down around here, I have stuff to show you this week. Hopefully no more blog hiatus for a while.