Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Spiral Scrubbies

popsinvase all18 lollypops

This year, for teacher holiday gifts, I decided to make some spiral scrubbies. I had made some at the beginning of the year, and they were fun to make, so I figured I’d make a ton more. I borrowed the “lollypop” idea from my friend Rosa, and then decided that I would package them up in a vase with some dishwashing soap and package it all pretty.


Don’t these lollypops look cute? I made 2 of each colorway, and had 9 colorways that I used for these. They’re Bernat Cotton yarn. I picked up dowels at the dollar store in a pack of 30 and also got a package of 30 clear plastic bags that would fit perfectly over the scrubbies. I think they look absolutely adorable.

vasegift teachergift

I used a 5.0mm (H) hook, and each scrubbie weighs approximately 16g. It took me about 2 weeks to make them all (once I finished the first one, it was a breeze to make them all after a while I didn’t even mark where I was in the pattern anymore, and now know the pattern off by heart. (Super easy!). I actually now have 8 more that are crochet, just need to be seamed together. I wanted to make a few for my own kitchen, in my fave colors of the cotton yarns.


I really hope that the teachers that received these gifts really liked them. I had 6 teacher gifts to make (1 Kindergarten teacher, 4 daycare teachers & 1 daycare coordinator gift). However, I realized that one of the teachers might still live at home at her parents house, and may not have a kitchen of her own, so I went with another gift idea for her. (Some handmade soap (not made by me unfortunately)).

I’m really happy with the way these all turned out. There is a fantastic youtube video on how to put them all together from beginning to end. If you’re interested in my making some of these, the video is worth a look.


Barb said...

Those are awesome! love them :)

TACIStudio said...

Those are GREAT! And what a thoughtful beautiful present. I might make some for my kitchen :) thanks for the idea Robyn.

Teena in Toronto said...

Great idea!