Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- I don't usually do family Christmas cards, but this idea is adorable!
- These Oreo Cheesecake Cookies look delicious!
- For a road trip, this lap desk looks great for kids.
- BuckleyBoo is a great toy for motor skills, it's a stuffed animal with benefits! Pretty cool.
- LOVE this ice cream cone cupcake pan!
- An apple jacket? Is it practical?
- I love this Cookery Club Kitchen set...!
- I'd love a WPI tool!
- I had these Playon Crayons as a kid, and loved them. My mom actually still has them at her house for my kids to color with, in decent shape still!
- This electric cookie press is... uhm... awesome!
- This car jumper is awesome! Why didn't this exist when my kids were smaller?!
- I've been having fun punching Sean's lunch. I think I love these sandwich punches!
- Started watching Suits & I love it.
- Almost done reading Bared To You & intrigued to read the Sequel.
- I'd love some mommy bling.
- This framed ring holder is a great idea!
- Oooh la la shoes.
- These are funny elf on the shelf ideas!
- You had me at Mint.
- This image is awesome.
- These wings are gorgeous.
- I'd love a mug like this!
- These are quite the sparkle!
- I'm addicted to Tapped Out. Do you play?
- I love this adorable skirt!
- I am a sucker for Gingerbread this time of the year.
- This bra case is genius!
- I really do....!
- I like this recipe for DIY body wash!
- This checkered rainbow cake is crazy!
- I totally heart this dress! Too bad it's sold out.
- Good to know KitchenAid tips & tricks.
- Great seaming tricks (for knitting!)
- Gas stove grate cleaning trick!
- So true!


Sandra said...

for an esay WPI tool - just use a ruler...

Open Roads Mama said...

Thank you, these always make my day!!! :)