Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love :: Christmas Edition

- Love this gingerbread dice game!
- Love this candy cane center piece idea.
- Love this pom pom ornament tutorial!
- Love this Christmas wishlist idea.
- Love this tutorial to make lego ornaments! (with parts list!)
- A cute way to decorate holiday cookies.
- Yum, Santa hat cupcakes!
- This Snow Globe necklace is quite neat.
- Love these free printable gift tags!
- Snowball cookies are right in season.
- Interactive gift wrap ideas for kids.
- 25 Christmas Candy recipes.
- Crock pot latte recipes.
- Christmas Bingo!
- Reindeer noses. Preheat your oven to 225 degrees. Spread the round pretzels on a cookie sheet so that they lie flat. Place one kiss in each pretzel.Allow the kisses to melt. Don’t leave the room. This really takes only 3 or 4 minutes. Press one M into each kiss. Push them around a little so that chocolate touches all of the edges of the pretzels.
- Santa's Easy Whoopie Pies!
- Christmas Tree Math Game.
- These reindeer PB&J are adorable. Too bad school is peanut-free.
- For the next time someone asks for money instead of a gift... think teenagers. The disappointment when they unwrap a candy box, only to be surprised when they open the candy box!
- I love this candy cane elf!
- Fun little snowmen!
- Snowflakes!
- A very cool straw wreath!
- No sew ruffle tree skirt.
- Need a tacky christmas party outfit?
- Grinch cookies!
- Love this Kit Kat Holiday House!
- Love this Christmas tree snack!
- A fave from last year, santa hat brownies.
- Printable Christmas coloring sheets.
- Love this knitted ornament cozy.
- Love this cardboard Christmas tree.
- Love this felted tree skirt!


Sandra said...

the Santa Hat brownies were my favourite from last year, but there's a few this year that will become a staple in my house! Thanks again!

Kerry said...

I love the candy box idea!!! Darcie always wants money or gift cards and I happen to have an almost empty candy box. Can't wait to see the look on her face!