Saturday, September 03, 2011

Chugging Along


I finally decided to see how large Askew would be, so I fished dental floss through, and too it off the needles. I thought maybe I'd try blocking what I've done so far, and maybe it would grow.


It's small. And I don't think blocking it will do anything. Even if DIC Smooshy blocks larger. It wouldn't be large enough. So, I'm thinking I will frog. Deciding whether to knit this again in a larger needle, or change yarn all together. I love the pattern, so that's where I'm torn. I definitely want to knit this shawl. Right now it's bandanna size.



Sean's (or maybe Mack's) Wyatt has been blocked, and is now waiting (for my patience) to be seamed. If it doesn't fit Sean, it'll definitely fit Mack, and then I'll have to come up with another sweater to knit all 3 boys, as this one, I knit the largest size in the pattern, so I can't even knit a larger size for Sean. I really wanted to knit them all the same sweater in their size, and then take a group shot of them together, in the fall. Hmmm. Might need to re-think this one!


I've also finished the Star Afghan, which is Quentin's stroller blanket. I just have the last few ends to weave in (there are a lot of them). Finished project information once I weave those in and take finished pictures.


I really enjoyed crocheting this one. I think I would make it again (maybe for Quentin's daycare nap time blanket - though I'm not sure a star would be appropriate for daycare?)


Quentin likes it - he wanted to use it before it was even finished!


Girl Knits said...

That sucks that your Askew came out so small, I'd restart it, probably with a new yarn (maybe a heavier weight so it gets larger?)

Love the star afghan! Quentin looks so cute with it.

Praying that Wyatt will fit Sean for you! Do tou think it looks like it will?

Dawn said...

Aww Quentin loves his new blankie! I would go up a couple needle sizes for the askew if you want to use the same there any way to keep knitting and extend the size that the pattern gives?

g-girl said...

That's so weird about your askew. sorry it didn't work out. :P the blanket looks great!

Tara said...

Aack, sorry to hear about the shawl woes :( Maybe take a time out before you cast on again?