Monday, September 05, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- I love this cereal box bow tutorial.
- I also love this bracelet tutorial - how fun!
- This is my idea of a front porch.
- Love this pillow case dress tutorial. (Thanks Maureen for the link!)
- Fun baking storage idea.
- I need to start a jar in my own laundry room now that the boys use their pockets.
- Love this drying station for a laundry room.
- I ♥ cherries.
- Love this craft room/office organization idea.
- What a great idea for mounting pictures on the wall where you want them.
- Love this Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae.
- Baked Zucchini Sticks - must make before my garden is over for the summer - a new idea to use up our zucchinis.
- Love this fridge organization idea.
- Genius free clips!
- I ♥ this image. I miss dancing.
- I ♥ this braided layer scarf.
- Enough said.
- I am not a huge chocolate lover, but this looks yummy.
- Apparently this is the best ever zucchini bread....! I'm going to try it out soon.
- LOVE this image!
- Love this closet door... wonder if I could do that somewhere in my house.
- Dr. Seuss says it best.
- Definitely growing out my hair.
- Cute baby gear.
- Love the half french twist.
- Love this cloth book tutorial. Fun!
- What a fun camera! Actually, so is this large format camera! (Thanks Lynn for the links!)
- Mmmm blackberry pie!
- I love this baby doll diaper tutorial. I might have to make some as gifts for the boys' friends who are girls.
- I want a shoe closet like this.
- I love this tissue holder.
- Love this pin board frame tutorial (Thanks Tara for linking it on your blog).
- Love these spoons.
- I love you (in sign language) cookie cutter!
- Now that the weather is starting to turn, I'm loving these leg warmers.
- I love this reversible bag tutorial.
- I love love love this crayon art project.
- What a lovely dress.
- What a great way to serve the kids a snack.
- My fave part of The Help.

Have a great labor day! Be safe.


Amelah said...

Lots of cool links !
Very cool Lego camera !

That crayon one is cool! Brenna and I were just talking about that last week. She has all the stuff to do it and I loved the idea I was going to do one with her !

Girl Knits said...

Thanks for the recipe for the bread, will have to try it out, the one I make sometimes comes out dry.

Thanks for that neat crayon project, I think I will try that too, how cool. My son would get a kick out of that, I think.

Love that reversible tote project too. I've got to pull out my sewing machine again.

Maureen said...

Love your Monday links - I always hurry over to see them! (although for me this time it's Tuesday before I got here due to our holiday yesterday!)

I love the little doll diapers tutorial! Evie has that exact Curious George and he look so cute in them that I will surely have to make some!

Dawn said...

I'm going to have to get my boys to help me pick some blackberries and try out that pie. There are tons of ripe ones in the field across the street so thanks for that link!

g-girl said...

love that porch!! lol. love the laundry room jar! wow. that eiffel tower cookie sundae is amazing!! the chip clip idea is genius! ooh, what a great closet door!! that dr. seuss quote is from 'oh the places you'll go.' :) pretty. i love braids too. :) wow the fruity chocolate bars look unreal! the half french twist looks so simple. if only my hair wasn't so flat! :P okay, i'm trying that zucchini bread recipe too. they all claim to be the best ones though! oh my word that cloth felt book is adorable! love the cutouts for that blackberry pie. i love the illumination for that shoe closet!