Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- This cracks me up.
- A crochet flower tutorial. I have some ideas of what I could do with these.
- I love a baby in pearls.
- Enjoy today with a smile.
- I really want one of these lens mugs. (The original one, not the tall one). They're my fave online photo gadgets store. I have a few toys from there.
- Chocolate Mint Cookie Mounds - yum!
- I hate jello, but am dying to try out this recipe.
- Love this bed for little boys!
- Love this half french twist tutorial.
- This makes sense for my household.
- Loving majorly these scrabble pillows.
- Homemade Foaming Baby Wash.
- I ♥ this bed cover. And this under the bed storage idea.
- I ♥ this yarn letter wreath.
- I want to learn how to make
- Ha ha ha ha!
- I love this lego shelf!
- I ♥ these busy mom bag ideas! I think the cupcake idea is one of my faves.
- Life is like riding a bicycle....
- Cute idea for kids snacks for school or elsewhere.
- I am growing out my hair, so I can do this.
- I totally need this for my kitchen!
- This bib is hysterical.
- I love messy hair up-dos.
- Love this (free) crochet slouch hat pattern.
- This comic strip made me laugh.


Girl Knits said...

That bib is hysterical! Love that comic strip too! I like lego anyhting, awesome link.

g-girl said...

hmm..those crochet flowers are cute. I have some ideas too. :) wow that homemade foaming baby wash is genius! love that bed cover. we NEED that under the bed storage. lol! i like those busy bags! that is very nice (hairdo!) haha. funny comic strip!