Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been trying to tackle organization chez Knit & Purl Mama. Let's take a look:


First, I came up with an organizational idea for my yarn room. I bought a few packs of these dot stickers. In order to make sure that every single skein in my yarn room is listed on Ravelry (in my personal stash AND on my trade/sell page), I'm checking each skein to make sure it's photographed & listed, and once it is, I'm putting a colored sticker on it, to mark it as done.


You see? These two are listed in my stash! I think it's a great system to make sure all my yarn is cataloged. I still have a long way to go, but it's coming along (slowly) (whenever I get the chance to work in my yarn room). When you have as much yarn as there is in my yarn room... you need a system to figure out what's what in there... and this is what came to mind!


On the theme of organization, my (printed) patterns are all now in protective sleeves in binders, categorized by type. (Sweater, socks, cowls, scarves, baby... you name it, there's a knitting binder for it).


The boys got a new light fixture in their room.


They love it. And there is now more light in their room than what the last light fixture was giving off. So glad we can finally see when we're in their room.


While we were at Comic Con two weeks ago, I got to meet Lynn Johnson, who does the cartoon For Better or For Worse. It's one of the comics I actually read when I actually read the newspaper.


Edited out my kids/hubby's last name. (Cuz in Quebec the wife (like myself) doesn't take their husbands name legally when they marry. Some b.s. about too high of a divorce rate and they don't want to do the legal paperwork - how encouraging to get married, eh?)



Hubby got around to hanging it up this past weekend in the kitchen.


And speaking of the kitchen, we re-arranged a bit in there. We moved the water cooler over (it was in the corner where the green swiffer mop handle is) so that we could move over the table to give more room for all of us to be around it. We took the high chair out of the kitchen and now Quentin is at the table in a booster seat instead of in the high chair. This new way takes up way less space in the kitchen. He likes being at the table with us now. It's nice. Now, hubby is just waiting for Quentin to outgrow our Jumperoo, so that it's no longer taking up space in the kitchen. Though, I still put Quentin in it more than once daily, while I'm in the kitchen, he likes to jump the shit out of it.


And I picked up an awesome corner of the shower stall caddy thing the other day while I was out. Jamie loved it so much in our ensuite shower (which I use) that he made me run out the next day and buy a 2nd one for the hallway bathroom (which he uses to shower). Why I didn't think to buy 2 at the same time? I'm not sure. Neither shower stall has shelves, so this was a perfect solution. I was getting sick of the little caddy that hangs over your shower head. There wasn't enough room for all my stuff on there that I was keeping stuff on the floor of the shower stall. New caddy is awesome.


While I was in that same department, I saw this and had to have it. Things were piling up on top of the toilet tank, and it's nice to have shelf space in the bathroom now. Now I don't have to worry about things on the top of the toilet tank possibly falling into the toilet. Cuz in our house, we all know that a certain someone (cough, cough, Mackenzie) is good at flushing things down the toilet. Just two nights ago we lost a toy Lightning McQueen down the toilet. (It was really tiny actually, so it shouldn't block anything, it was from a book game).

Things are starting to get very organized around here. (And de-cluttered too!) I like this progress. I'm ready to pat myself on the back. I hope to get everything done that is on my list before my maternity leave officially ends in November. (Though, I'll be staying at home (and working from home) with Quentin until he has daycare in the spring - as soon as he turns 18 months old as our daycare has no baby room). But, I do want to make sure my "to-do" list is done before my actual maternity leave ends (mid-November).

Lastly, today, I want to show you something I made that my parents framed & hung up in their house:


I think it was for their anniversary last year, that I made this for my parents. It has all our names in the family (pets included). My mom finally found a shadow box frame that fits this and she finally hung it in their house. I totally want to make one for our house now (just need to find the time to actually make it). Isn't it an awesome gift? I picked up some old board games at Value Village and had extra boards to make this! I still have 2 or 3 boards left, from my Value Village finds.


Sandra said...

I'm slowly working through my house, room by room, (even corner by corner!) decluttering and organizing. It's a slow process, but feels so good when I get one area done.

sapphireblue said...

Very good job!! You're making the rest of us look bad.

Maureen said...

1) Can I please hire you? If anyone needs to reorganize and make space in a hurry, it's me!! :D Love your stash and sticker idea - might steal it. I need to do the same thing with binders of patterns, mine are a wicked hot mess. (And I still have six dining room chairs to recover. Derp!)

2) LOVE the scrabble board thing - I will have to start hunting for games/boards so I can make the same thing for my parents, I love that!

Girl Knits said...

What a great clean-up/organization job!

Love the hockey lamp!