Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- I love this Cherry Pitter - too bad they won't ship to Canada. Thanks Lauren for the link!
- I love this zipper bracelet tutorial.
- I love this tattoo.
- I love this recipe for lasagna cups - must try it out!
- Love the colors & pattern (not sure what the pattern is though).
- Awesome tent idea for the boys using 5 hula hoops and a king sized bed sheet.
- Love this slide bracelet - stunning!
- What a neat cake idea.
- Love this letterpress.
- Love this elmo food spread for a party. Might have to try that for Quentin's 1st birthday!
- Love these "jazz hands!"
- What a fun baking tool - Sugar Cookie Bowls.
- Might be using this as the next teacher gift. Very cute.
- Fall is my absolutely FAVE season.
- Love this log photo holder. Can totally carve initials in there too!
- I heart these slippers so cute!
- I love this costume, too bad the price is outrageous. Glad to hear that Pottery Barn Kids now ships to Canada though.
- I think this Elmo Baby Carrier for kids is too cute. Reminds me of when Sean wore Elmo.
- Loves this knitted glass! (Thanks Rhoda for the link)
- I love these mechanical devices that were sculpted from salvaged paper!
- Conan O'Brien: My lifetime ratio of bananas purchased to bananas eaten is running about 5 to 1. (Sounds like my house! 1 banana gets eaten, 4 go into the freezer for baking cuz they don't get eaten!)
- Love this colored pencil jewelry!
- I used to make these DPN holders and sell them in my shop. Since I don't anymore (it's been ages) I thought I'd share the tutorial with you.
- This Tiny Toons Potty Clip is hysterical. Thank you so much Rhoda for sharing it with me!
- I ♥ this pixbag. It's a tad pricey, but love it. And it's purple!
- I think this Knitter's Flash Mob is hysterical! #socksummit!
- Wishes she understood these toddler twins conversation. SO CUTE!
- I ♥ this lens pouch tutorial. Must pull out my sewing machine.
- Mmmmm - homemade mac'n'cheese.
- I ♥ this poster.
- I'd love to go check this place out.


Girl Knits said...

That lens pouch is very cute! Pricey though!

I love that video of the twins talking to each other, extremely adorable!

g-girl said...

wow, all their designs are adorable! the lasagna cups look great! those jazz hands are absolutely adorable! love the crab slippers! too cute. :) i didn't know you used to make those dpn holders. cute! oh those twins are something else! creamy homemade mac and cheese? yum! I don't like the blue box either!!