Sunday, September 04, 2011

New School Year


Now that it's the beginning of the "new school year" at daycare, Sean has been in his Pre-K (yes! Pre-K - I'm slowly freaking out that he'll be off to elementary school in a year) class for almost a month now (he got moved early as there was a spot and he was the oldest kid in the class so he was the next to get moved), and Mack just switched from his class to the next class, I wanted to give all their teachers gifts for the "end of the school daycare year" as a thank you for the past year. (I also give the teachers birthday gifts and holiday gifts - because they are awesome and so good with my kids). Though, getting the gifts can cost a lot, so I try to be creative. I saw this idea online, and just had to make some for my kids teachers. I also only used the top flag from these 2. I love that she had a PDF already made - very easy to use & cut out for the straw.


I got cups in green at my local grocery store (on sale to boot!) and I bought about 9 different flavors of the drink packets. (Ice teas, etc). I divided up the flavors over 6 cups (Mack had 2 teachers, Sean had 3 and 1 for the Coordinator of the daycare) and got a matching green picture frame, and wrapped everything all up. I think it looked super cute - and I hope that the teachers like it. We gave them to them on Friday morning when I dropped the kids off in the morning. A little late (I wanted to give them on Wednesday as that was the technical last day of the school daycare year but I hadn't finished wrapping them up & writing out all the thank you cards on time.


What have you done for teachers? I'm always looking for new ideas. Please share!


Girl Knits said...

What a great teacher idea, thank you for sharing it. I will have to use this one.

Zonda said...

Great idea! I may have to use it for my knitting friends, we always need water around here :) The last year I gave any teacher gifts I knit garter mug cozy's, bought inexpensive mugs and filled with tea/candy/cocoa, etc.

sapphireblue said...

That's a very cool gift.

g-girl said...

i love these!! wish i had moms like you in my class. ;) though i do have one that loves to bake and share her goodies with me!

Bea said...

This is a great idea for teacher gifts.

Tara said...

Holy CRAP those gifts are awesome! You make me feel like a lazy slacker, heh :)