Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- I love these crochet hangers.
- I love these planters - it's DIY!
- We use large (empty) coffee cans for storage :: Play-doh, crayons, etc. These printable labels are awesome!
- This made me laugh out loud.
- I love this Rainbow Granny Square Parasol.
- Strike a pose.
- Love this - want to hang it up in the house.
- I must funkafy my thermostat.
- Reasons to keep lettuce in a jar.
- This tomato & mozzarella pasta al forno looks delicious.
- What a fun birthday idea for the kids.
- This is another fun way to spice up a birthday - one gift an hour all day!
- Love these DIY Cake Stands!
- Love these wrought iron snow gauges!
- Want this exact hair.
- Just in time for fall - a leaf washcloth tutorial.
- Love this rosette jersey headband tutorial.
- Precious.
- Love these quilt squares.
- Don't be negative!
- I want to be the reason.
- Awesome pillow!
- Love this four seasoned tree.
- I'd like one in silver, please.
- Love this recycled t-shirt scarf.
- I don't wear much make-up, but this magnetic make-up board is pretty awesome.
- Simple elegance.
- Love this "look what I did" board.
- Love this chain wrapped rosette tutorial.


Kimber said...

I love your links!
That magnetic make up board is genius and the image of the grandma and baby is breath taking....

Girl Knits said...

Love it again!