Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How My Garden Grows


On August 7th, we grilled really large pieces of zucchinis for dinner (forgot to take a before picture of the rather large zucchini, but it looked like one of the zucchinis below in the next image).


My garden grows on steroids large zucchinis. (See pepsi can for scale).
(August 8th, 2011)


My first large spaghetti squash.
(August 8th, 2011)


More red tomatoes.
(August 8th, 2011)


More red cherry tomatoes (galore actually).
Apparently we're not picking them fast enough.
(August 8th, 2011)


August 8th's harvest.


On August 9th, not even one full zucchini made 2 banana-zucchini breads (one with chocolate chips & one without), and 3 zucchini breads (one which chocolate chips and 2 without).


Tomatoes picked for dinner salad.
(August 14th, 2011)


August 17th's harvest.


Grated 8 bags of 2 cups of zucchini to freeze for baking in the winter.


And on Sunday, Sept 4th, 2011, we had a BBQ with some other families and I made this Strawberry Feta salad (I omitted the olives). It was DELICIOUS and I used tons of cherry tomatoes from the garden. I definitely want to make this salad again.

We still have some harvest left, we'll see what September brings. Is your garden still growing strong? What have you harvested lately?


g-girl said...

wow! i'm excited about your spaghetti squash! :) for a second there i thought you made a banana zucchini bread. lol. then i reread it. teehee!

Maureen said...

I wish I was your neighbor!!

We didn't really garden at all this year, some tomato plants that I think will not produce before it gets too cold... but we DID get our fencing set up so we can protect a garden next year :)

kim said...

everything looks so good! Too bad I'm not closer or I'd come over for some bread ;) Our garden is done and has been for awhile. We need to come up with a better plan for next year, the deer wiped out our green beans :(

Anonymous said...

wow! a produce aisle right in your own backyard. Everything looks wonderful, especially the salad!

Girl Knits said...

Great loot! Is your garden still producing more?

Bea said...

You always do have a really impressive garden. Nothing but my small inside plants are growing right now. Everything is hibernating through the heat.

Tara said...

Damn girl! You're in cherry tomato heaven!!! How many plants do you have, anyway?

Dawn said...

Your tomatoes are lovely...I can just imagine how delicious they are! We have had blackberries, and raspberries galore, but sadly only a few cherry tomatoes. There are tons of green tomatoes in the garden...I'm crossing my fingers that some of them ripen.