Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Family Feud

One of my fave apps on my iphone is Family Feud. You have have a Facebook account to play the game (why, I'm not entirely sure), and I've been addicted. It's so much fun to play. Sometimes there are questions that are absolutely hysterical. And others, that are very very interesting.


This one (above) in particular, was a board that I had. Some of the answers on this board, made me laugh out loud very loudly. If you're married, with kids, a job, etc... you might find some of the items on this list amusing too. Yes, we share the parenting, and the driving in our house. However, he does the garbage, and I do most of the cooking, all of the dishes, and all the housework (that our cleaning lady doesn't do). Take turns doing....? Ha... in what world would that actually happen?


Then there was this board. "Name something many parents want children to learn at a young age". While my kids are not in school yet (to study), I guess I'm right on track with everything else. Phew!

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g-girl said...

i'm wondering who got surveyed because i know many 5 year olds who don't have any manners!